Best Let's Plays to watch at work?


I have a cool job where I can watch as much youtube/Netflix as I want as long as I actually do my job! I watched Natalie play Bloodborne through 3 bosses and liked it so much that I stopped watching and bought the game! I also really enjoyed Griffin McElroy’s Nuzlocke of Pokémon Y.

What are some good let’s plays to watch at work? My only preference is that they are not problematic and aren’t too annoying. Let’s hear your suggestions!


GetDaved’s Let’s Plays are generally safe for work - he’s done a few of the Mega Man games, and also a bunch of various strategy RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together.


DeceasedCrab’s content is always incredibly pure and good and I’d absolutely recommend it


Chip and Ironicus’ stuff is always my go-to recommendation for LPs. In an age where most can make a perfectly fine video with OBS and a Yeti mic, it’s incredible how much their production value shines. Seriously, Chip puts so much worthwhile detail into the gameplay & editing, and their commentary is always a pleasure.

Waypoint’s own columnist Cameron Kunzelman has written about them before, and their Uncharted videos are also my recommendation on where to start. Cameron’s not joking when he says that they open those games up for anyone to enjoy just by being so good at talking over it.


Lots of strategy and builder LP series here (SFW, may involve cameos from cats):


I really enjoy Marshall Dyer’s videos. They usually do complete playthroughs of indie games with a focus on narrative and their style is super chill and relaxing. Plus, Marshall is extremely respectful and nice!


If you liked Griffin Mcelroy’s nuzlocke, maybe give TFS Gaming’s Nuzlockes a shot? They’ve done a few now and they’re all pretty good.


Not necessarily Let’s Plays, but I love watching AGDQ archives. You learn a TON about the games they’re running, and because they’re streamed for charity they’re on their best behavior.


I’m a fan of Quill18’s paradox let’s plays, personally


I’m a fan of Game Informers Super Replay series, full playthroughs of games good and bad. They’ve made quite a few over the years. Could be considered too annoying depending on the game. Some highlights are Overblood 1 & 2, Blue Stinger, Illbleed, Tail of the Sun.


I remember Austin recommending his stuff in a game of the year list. I never got around to watching any of it. So do you have any recommendations to where to begin? I really enjoyed Waypoint’s playthrough of Stellaris as it adds a bit of roleplaying to the game and it’s not just build and expand.


I would recommend starting with his tutorial streams of whatever game interests you the most. These games are so dense and I find it helpful to start with the streams that have him making an extra effort to explain how stuff works.


My new job is pretty cool with me watching YouTube/Twitch and my computer is in a separate sound proof room. Right now I’ve been watching SypherPK’s educational Fortnite videos. I also saw AGDQ archives mentioned, so I’m going to second that.


Doubling the Chip and Ironicus rec. They are best known for the Metal Gear LPs, which are tremendous, but might not be work safe. But check out the Beyond Good and Evil one, def, and I rewatch the Cabella’s Dangerous Hunts LP every year because it’s still hysterical.

It’s weird but I’ve been watching them since the LP subforums on SomethingAwful and seeing the production value increasing with time makes me… weirdly… proud of them. Super mega rec.

Another good one that I love is Cryaotic. His LP of Okami is very long and enjoyable and will kill at least a few days for you.

ETA: Oh for GDQ streams, I use them for background noise a lot too! I would rec looking up the 4 player co-op Majora’s Mask run, it’s 4 hours long and mindbogglingly skilled and extremely entertaining. Also, anything Puwexil does, as he mainly does long games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, tho my fave is his Illusion of Gaia run. And the marathon-ender Mario and Legend of the Seven Stars I remember being excellent. All great stuff!


Smart! I’ve had problems getting into LPs of games like this before because of the density and complexity of systems. I never thought to watch the tutorials for them. Thank you!


Who does the Cabela’s let’s play? That sounds amazing. Also I wasn’t super clear, I’m if language is nsfw, I mostly need background noise let’s play that doesn’t require me to pay close attention!


Quill18 has a Pokémon Platinum LP, so I’m all in for this dude. Thanks!


How did I not think of this? I used to love these videos, and they’re perfect to have on in the background! Thanks for the rec


These are good but I wouldn’t exactly call them work safe, at least if you don’t have headphones in.


I’d recommend any of the more recent Run Button stuff. If you go too far back, it gets kind of rough and problematic, but anything from like 2014 onwards is probably safe.