Best musou series

  • Dynasty Warriors
  • Samurai Warriors
  • Warriors Orochi
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Dragon Quest Heroes
  • Ken’s Rage
  • One Piece Warriors
  • DW: Gundam
  • pick this option if you can’t pick a favourite

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it’s pretty clear musou games are the pinnacle of games, but which franchise do you think does it best?

for me, it’s the original Dynasty Warriors series.

also, what franchise would you like to see get made into a musou game?


I feel like Hyrule Warriors does the most interesting stuff on the gameplay side, but I’m still waiting on Sex in the City Musou

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Whoa wait hold the fucking phone, I accidentally clicked DW Gundam and I need to take that shit back. DW is the only musou series, everything else is a travesty.

dark horse candidate Sengoku Basara


Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires was my jam

The Fire Emblem one.

Sengoku Basara is godlike I wish Omega Force would take some ideas from them. :[

My favorite is Gundam but I don’t think it’s the best

But I voted for it anyway because bias

One Piece, 'cuz I need that Oda shit like I need air.

Some characters have dumb mechanical restrictions that are completely in character for them, and it is the best, stupidest thing ever.

I picked Dynasty Warriors but Smaurai Warriors 4 - II is probably my favorite musou on the PS4.

I really enjoyed the recent Berserk musou. Berserker Armour Guts is some crazy fun.

my problem with berserk was you always felt too weak until guts got the berserk armor. it’s not really until then that it feels like a real musou game

Has anyone played Fate/Extella? I was wondering how it held up, comparatively

Samurai Warriors 4 is probably my favorite, then DQ Heroes. SW4 has the best implementation of the combo chaining system I’ve seen, a decent campaign and extra modes and just feels downright good to play.

plus the new game is gonna add farming, fishing and other feudal activities to do while the main story progresses through the life of the main character.

DQ Warriors adds a lot more RPG trappings and fanservice and does a lot to give the sense of an RPG, probably even more than Hyrule Warriors, which I appreciate.

like @MikeLovesRabbit said tho, Sengoku Basara is probably the best straight Musou game, especially 3+4 where they brought on the director of Devil May Cry 4 on. it’s some real anime nonsense.

I’ve never played one of these but I’ve really wanted to for years. I try to keep an eye on the various musou titles on steam but they’re all so damn expensive :disappointed:

8XL is very good and an enormous game. You can play it for an incredibly long time and not unlock all of the base content.

Also voted Gundam. Would be even stronger if they kept the original music in the western release. Fingers crossed for ‘Gundam Versus’

I want to vote for Gundam, but had to go with DW proper. I really still like DW 4, but I know that’s because it hit me right in the perfect age to grind the heck out of it. We really need Dynasty Warriors X Gundam to see how Ma Chao would fair against Char’s Zaku. I’m ok with either Rita Repulsa style grown Ma Chao, or G Gundam style new kung fu Gundams appropriate to each of the fighters.

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Still waiting on Dark Souls Warriors to become a thing. I’ve got a detailed pitch saved and ready to roll if I ever get to speak to someone at either studio.

As a major fan of Musou games, I only ever played Sengoku Basara 3, and…I really didn’t care for it all that much and I’m not sure what Musou should take from it, if anything. The maps were too small, the scenarios not diverse enough, and the gameplay didn’t feel nearly as rewarding to me.

But I’ll tell you, out of all the Musou series, Samurai Warriors is my truest jam. I enjoy the historical era, the depictions of the characters, and the ways that the series has spun away from Dynasty Warriors. I’m looking forward to Spirit of Sanada releasing later this month, too!

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