Best Quests in Mass Effect Andromeda?


What are some of the better quests in ME: Andromeda? I’m one of the few that like the game but I hate a lot of the meaningless side fetch quests. It’s been recommended to ignore the Tasks but there’s still a ton of other quests to sift through.


Liam’s personal quest has the best comedic writing in the entire game.


I’m totally going to do all the loyalty missions but I was curious if there are hidden gems that have good stories like the old side missions in the original trilogy.


Honestly… the game left a shallow enough impression on me that I’m having trouble remembering some standout quests. It’s not that I disliked it, it was simply… also not that I super fell in love with a lot of it.

The real standout quest chain for me was probably the ones Reyes gave me on Kadara–I figured out the twist well in advance, and like Austin alluded to in his piece on the game it was an outlaw world where “everything wrapped up too neatly and tidily,” and yet… Reyes really swept my FemRyder off her feet. I had expected to end up in a relationship with Suvi or Peebee… so my experience of those particular quests is colored by a fondness for Reyes as a character.

Drak’s quests are probably the other highlight of the game for me–old tired fight-grandpa who insists he doesn’t matter anymore Matters So Much to me. Plus that final capstone to his loyalty mission, mm, :ok_hand: