Best Racing games?

I’m more of a new comer to racing games. Starting with Dirt, and Forza 4. Since then they’re my mainstay. Right now I’m playing through Dirt Rally with occasionally touching Forza Horizon 3 on PC. Any other racing game fans out there with other suggestions?

Fzero gx. greatest arcade style racer ever. Hard as nails, deep as fuck with an incredible sense of speed


I think Burnout Paradise will always be my favorite. Some people didn’t like the series’ transition to open world, but Burnout Paradise’s open world is just soooo good for that game. It also has a licensed soundtrack that perfectly nails the tone. The whole game boils down to you getting better at traversing Paradise City at high speeds without crashing and after a while of practice it can be downright euphoric.


The last one I put some decent time into was Split/Second. That game was so fun and had so much potential. Such a shame Disney burned everything to the ground.


That game threatened to put me over the edge with the repeated Guns N’ Roses. We get it it’s the name of the game.

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Another interesting one is Distance, which i think is still in early access on Steam. It’s sort of futuristic high-speed obstacle avoidance + it has a bunch of user-made levels. As trite as the saying may be, I’ve seen it advertised as “the Dark Souls of racing games”, so there’s that. Although the game’s not finished yet, it has the groundwork for a story mode, and actually has a little bit of cyber-horror to it, though you can avoid that tonal aspect if you want by sticking with basic challenges.

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Lol, I think it was intentional in that they were trying to hit at that nostalgic aspect of the game’s tone, but there does come a point when it gets really repetitive and you just start mockingly singing along.

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Hard as nails but satisfying as hell to finally beat. It’s an amazing game that showed what a Nintendo/Sega partnership could produce. Unfortunately it did not sell as Nintendo wanted and they many in the company blamed the game’s steep difficulty curb. Miyamoto has stated that he does not know what he would add to the franchise either so he feels like he cannot justify development of a new one. Think Fast RMX on the Switch tried to recapture the series charm recently though.

Burnout 3. I never loved - heck, never even really liked - a racing game before I played Burnout 3 and I’ve never found anything that can quite match it since. The controls felt great, there was no busywork between races, and I once managed to crash so spectacularly it put a scorch mark on the skybox.


For me, GRID sits way up in the pantheon of best racing games. Where Project Gotham leaned into arcade-simple controls, and Gran Turismo stuck with its simulated career modes, GRID took a bit of both and perfectly encapsulated the feel of racing. Its graphics are pretty dated by 2017 standards, but the presentation, camerawork, and sound effects really came together to make it incredibly memorable. No other racing game has come close to giving me the same white-knuckle racing that I got from this game. I think it still holds up incredibly well today. It drives me bonkers that Codemasters hasn’t been able to replicate that experience in any of their games since.


Dirt Rally :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand: what an amazing game. Most of my gaming time is split between that and Assetto Corsa (can you tell I have a thing for sims?). That feeling when you’re on a really fast run and you keep taking those corners perfectly like it’s second nature, there’s nothing quite like it. Of course, it’s really frustrating if you’re having an off day but that only makes the highs even higher.

I also just recently played through Grid, a really cool sort of simcade racing game (although leaning towards arcadey) from 2007ish. I love it for it’s variety, one minute you’re competing in open-wheel races on closed circuits, the next you’re dodging oncoming cars on the touge in classic JDM cars, the next you’re trying your hand at drifting. Always keeps you on your toes, I like that about it.

I’m looking at Forza Horizon 3 next, a nice sort of cruising game punctuated by races would be great, a la Burnout Paradise.

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

I know that sounds like a weird suggestion, but it’s legitimately one if the best racing games out there. Also, the single-player content (which seems to be what you’re looking for?) is actually extremely robust.


We have allot of in common. I’m more of a Sim guy than an arcade racer. I think you’ll like Horizon 3 allot. Perfect sim handling, but as an open world cruiser (not to mention the off-road mechanics are impeccable)

I started playing it as a joke, then it turned out to be the best Mario Kart game I’ve ever played.

I still think I like it more than MK8. The skill ceiling is higher and the powerups feel a whole lot less bullshit.


I don’t love Outrun 2.

Outrun 2 is love.


San Francisco Rush 2049 is one of the best arcade style racers IMO.

The console version had everything going for it:

  • 4 Player Split Screen
  • In addition to the normal race mode you also had stunt mode and battle mode along with an unlockable gauntlet mode
  • The cars had stunt wings for doing tricks and making sure you landed
  • Tons of secret paths and hidden areas. Some levels had entire sections that were put in just for players to discover and had nothing to do with the race itself. There were even buttons on some of the tracks for opening and closing shortcuts so if you timed it right you could actually mess up your friend by closing it on them
  • Collectable coins on each track so you could gauge just how many of the secrets you found plus they unlocked more cars
  • The game let you customize your races a lot. Do you want it set so that if you crash you are out of the race? You can do that!
  • 13 cars to unlock and all of them looked great along with various customization options like frame, tires, color, engine, etc
  • Great sound track
  • For a 17 year old game it still looks good

This and Toy Commander is what easily defined my child hood. No racing game has captured me in the way this game has done. It was the kind of game anyone could pick up and have fun with. People I knew who didn’t even like racing games had a blast playing this.


What’s worse is that even if you disable that track in the soundtrack options it still plays when you boot up the game before the soundtrack options load.

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I have enjoyed quite a few down the years but Split Second online multiplayer is, I think, the most fun I have had with a racing game ever.

Single player it is Burnout 3 and Rage Racer for me.

When my son is older I have already earmarked Sonic Transformed as a game we need to play together at least once.

Burnout Paradise without a doubt. Nothing even comes close for me.


Test Drive Umlimited and its sequel were flawed but i loved those ambitious games dearly.