Best Subreddits/Forums (other than Waypoint!) to follow for editorial intern

I’m a month into an editorial internship and I’m loving it so far. Up to now, I’ve mostly been following up on stories reported on other sites, but I want to better utilize Reddit and forums to find stories on my own as I grow as a writer/journalist. That being said, I’ve never really been one to spend a ton of time on those sites. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure if you are still interested in find another forum to enjoy in tandem with this one, but I really enjoy my time over on ResetEra. When NeoGAF became engulfed with it’s creator’s sexual misconducts, most respectable members jumped ship to support the #MeToo movement. A large amount (maybe even majority??) of the mods banded together to create a home for the community-less community, now with a more progressive mission statement. Within a week there were already 25,000 subscribers, and now they boast 37,000 today.

The community is pretty heavily moderated. If you start spouting hate speech, belittling peoples experiences, echo propaganda, you will get warned or banned! Some people think it’s heavy handed, but I think it’s a necessity with a community so large. They have tried to be less heavy handed recently but not at the risk of losing their values.

The site is CONSTANTLY amassing replies. So you won’t run out of threads to browse. GAF had been around for decades and had the reputation of being very “industry” minded back when all the behinds the scenes was pretty shadowed. There was an air of elitism, but I choose to think that has changed with the times, and as that info is more widely accessed and understood.

There are plenty of mods who are minorities, women, LGBT, ect! Change often starts from the top, and I think it’s had a tremendous impact on the community. It has heart. Everyone chose to be better and left GAF. It’s actually kind of gives me a warm feeling!

Here’s the message they shared when they first opened the doors. It’s concise, but might give you an idea of what you would be walking into.

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