Best three album run by an artist?


5 was released before Aaron Carter was born.

Edit: oh you meant the American ones, yeah no those ones are bad you’re right. Also I somehow managed to quote you from the wrong post lmao


You both know that no NTWICM (or “Intwikkem” to the fans) can hold a candle to this amazing run: Kidz Bop Car Songs / Kidz Bop Christmas - 2009 / Kidz Bop Sings The Beatles.

Fun fact! Notable Kidz Bop alumni include Spider-Man Homecoming’s Zendaya, and Rebecca Gomez, who played Trini, the Yellow Ranger, in the surprisingly fun new Power Rangers movie.


if you count Demo (DEVOID), the Patriarch Scum single and II (DEVOID) as a single album, then with that plus Ruins and now their new album I Live Inside A Burning House…I think Body Void is doing a dang good run (and honestly at this rate whatever they do after this is probably going to blow me out of the water even harder than this just did)

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Oh okay, well in that case

Ocean Machine, Infinity, Physicist.


Lots of alt/rock/pop I like are hit and miss so the only ones I can think of off the top of my head

Mates of State - Team Boo / Bring It Back / Re-Arrange Us

Fluke - Oto/ Risotto / Puppy

Orbital - Orbital 2 / In Sides / Snivilisation


I would say In Rainbows/The King of Limbs/A Moon Shaped Pool is just as good for me, but that’s a pretty different kind of music.


This is me, one hundred percent. My “excuse”, as it were, is growing up with English as a second language. The first decade or so of my music-listening years, when I learned how to listen to music, I basically couldn’t understand the lyrics of most of the stuff I loved. Thus, the sound of voices and vocals, their phrasings and rhythms, their place in the arrangements and instrumentations, became much more important to me than the lyrics. I would cotton on to isolated phrases as meaningful and strong, but very seldom the lyric as a whole. Which has led to plenty of experiences where suddenly, years later, I’ve grokked what a song I’ve loved and lived with actually was about. Slightly embarrassing, but thankfully, there have been v. few instances where I’ve found out that an artist I loved actually had completely odious words.

(Apologies for the OT jump-in, but this observation spoke to me)


A friend recently explained to me the story behind most Coheed and Cambria albums and I feel betrayed. Such happy sounding songs… so freaking sad!


I know this thread is kinda dead but I recently got Death’s Individual Thought Patterns on vinyl and, man, name a better album run in metal than with Death’s final four albums.

Another great run is with Soundgarden with Badmotorfinger/Superunknown/Down on the Upside. Each album is excellent at engulfing you in its atmosphere, and each one is remarkably different in tone. Badmotorfinger is cold and aggressive, Superunknown is moody and psychedelic, and DOTU is weathered and dusty. It also showcased a band getting more commercially popular despite each release getting more and more complex and experimental.


Final answer.


Metallica: Load - Reload - St.Anger.


If this isn’t ironic I want to like give you a medal or something.


It is honestly my three favourite albums in a row from them, but I have other artists that I overall like better, just not that familiar with many other album discography as intimately, hah.