Best three album run by an artist?


As I lay dying- Frail words collapse, shadows are security, an ocean between us.
Underoath- they’re only chasing safety, define the great line, lost in the sound of separation.
Metallica- Ride the lightning, master of puppets, …and Justice for all.
Deafheaven- roads to Judah, sunbather, new Bermuda.
Leonard Cohen- Old ideas, popular problems, you want it darker.



one of my picks is

bad religion - suffer / no control / against the grain


Sufjan Stevens - Illinois / Age of Adz / Carrie & Lowell
Daft Punk - Homework / Discovery / Human After All
Kendrick Lamar - gkMC / To Pimp a Butterfly / DAMN.
Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak / My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy / Yeezus
Björk - Debut / Post / Homogenic


I’m sorry, but Yeezus over Graduation?!?!?


This question is incredibly difficult and it’ll take me some time to devise an earnest and thoughtful answer, so in the meantime I want to weigh in on this equally trying decision.

There’s some weird averaging out at play in deciding which camp I fall into because College Dropout is my favorite Kanye album and Graduation is my least favorite, but I like 808s, MBTF and Yeezus all pretty much equally.

It would be perfect if I could run Late Registration straight into 808s, but if we’re being real here achieving the status of “my least favorite” Kanye album still means a pretty great album in the grander scheme of things.

Therefore I’m forced to deliver the verdict that Kanye is on the greatest seven album streak ever.

* *drops mic* * * * picks it back up * *

Thank you for your time.


Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left, Bryter Layter, Pink Moon.

All perfect albums.


Are we not counting Watch the Throne? Because yeah if that’s the case then Kanye’s discography is almost spotless for me.


KMFDM - Nihil/Xtort/“Symbols”
Front Line Assembly - Millennium/Implode/Civilization
Skinny Puppy - Bites/Rabies/Too Dark Park
Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine/Accelerated Evolution/Addicted
Buckethead - Giant Robot/Colma/Bucketheadland 2


Pardon me if I’m wrong, but those Devin Townsend albums weren’t back to back to back, correct?

(Probably should have clarified in the op that I was looking for sequential releases)


I wouldn’t count it.

If you want to get technical the pairing of Kanye and Jay-Z would be considered a group known as The Throne.


The National - Alligator, Boxer and High Violet. Yes, I am that guy.


I’d second basically everything you got on that list. I’d put Tim Hecker’s Ravedeath/Virgins/Love Streams above all that though, but I like his stuff enough that I’d almost make the case for any 3 album streak from Mirages through Love Streams.

Also depending if we are allowed to ignore collaborations I’d absolutely put Ben Frost’s Theory of Machines/By the Throat/AURORA on the list.


yeah i just havent been able to get into ravedeath. he has so many solid albums though a three album run always seems to get broken up by an entry i don’t like. super excited about his next album.


Girls - Album/Broken Dreams Club/Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Broken Dreams Club Is an EP but it’s their magnum opus so :sweat_smile: Christopher Owens is so underrated.


I’m so happy to see The Hip, PTH, and Alexisonfire show up here.

My own list of Hip albums is:

Day For Night/Trouble at the Henhouse/Phantom Power


Cursed - I/II/III

Drake - Take Care/NWTS/IYRTITL


Ravedeath is my favorite of his stuff. Though I don’t know how much of that is biased by it being the first album I heard that sounded anything like that. The In the Fog and Hatred of Music suites get me every time.


I know they’re not albums but when Lil B released Pink Flame, PYT (pretty young thug), and 100% Gutta mixtapes back to back to back that was an amazing musical journey in my life then he dropped 05 Fuck em on Christmas 2013. 2013 has to be the best year of my life musically.


Can we count a band’s 3 LPs if they were released over 25 years? Because every My Bloody Valentine album is a classic imo.

I also really like the run of Promise Ring albums bookending their classic LP Nothing Feels Good. 30° Everywhere is very lowfi, Very Emergency shows the band starting to be a little too self consciously poppy, meanwhile Nothing Feels Good sits in the middle as a perfect melding of the two. With many bands I have a similar “sweet spot” album where they’d refined what made them special but hadn’t started selling it out for radio play.


I really like The Glowing Man, but I might shave it off so I can go back an album because the trio
SWANS - My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky/The Seer/To Be Kind is just too good for me to ignore.

My personal favorite trio is:
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Tender Prey/The Good Son/Henry’s Dream. Brilliant 3 albums and oh hey it’s capped off with Let Love In which is a masterpiece as well.