Best three album run by an artist?


Stevie Wonder - Music of My Mind, Talking Book, Innervisions

Kraftwerk - Autobahn, Radio-Aktivität, Trans Europa Express


I just went back to Radio Amor for the first time in a while. It really is good. I wish it was easier to get a hold of a physical copy without paying out the nose because I’d love to have one.


the wonder years: suburbia, i’ve given you all and now i’m nothing/greatest generation/no closer to heaven

my chemical romance: this is impossible but i guess if FORCED i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love/three cheers for sweet revenge/the black parade (BUT HONESTLY, three cheers/black parade/danger days is just as good a run)

manchester orchestra: i’m like a virgin losing a child/mean everything to nothing/simple math (tragically losing their best album, a black mile to the surface, bc the intervening album is their worst)

frightened rabbit: midnight organ fight/winter of mixed drinks/pedestrian verse


My friends have been trying to get me to start listening to Frightened Rabbit. Any album you would suggest I start with, or is midnight organ fight the best place to start?


Shoot I’d agree with both of these! I think the 6 LC albums to this point work as two trilogies if you look at them thematically, I kind of prefer Hello Sadness/No Blues/Sick Scenes at this point but they’re all great!


i so badly wanted to post cocteau twins in here, but my holy trinity is treasure/blue bell knoll/heaven or las vegas and i knew i’d be lying to myself if i posted anything else (not that victorialand isn’t great)


It was tough trying to pick which three to go for myself. I went for the three I did, just for the fact that they end up on heavy rotation during overcast Autumn days (for good reason, Cocteaus + Autumn is a winning combo)


Waxahatchee: Cerulean Salt, Ivy Tripp, Out in the Storm


converge - jane doe, you fail me, no heroes
(if you wanted to include when forever comes crashing i wouldn’t disagree)


Someone could probably just say that this is the same record three times but the three Hot Snakes records Automatic Midnight / Suicide Invoice / Audit In Progress are a hell of a damn statement (only followed up just this year and I’m not even up on it yet :frowning: ).

I’m also SO ready for another record from Owen Pallett (fka Final Fantasy), whose run of He Poos Clouds, Heartland, and In Conflict reveals new truths to me on each listen.


Agree with a lot of suggestions here. The one I haven’t seen that springs to mind for me is Arctic Monkeys - Humbug, Suck it and See and AM. They could’ve went the way a lot of noughties indie rock outfits could’ve went but they matured so well under the guidance of Josh Homme with Humbug, added a lot of earnest cheese with SIAS and then married the two for AM which is huge on both the cheese and the sultry rock vibes. Stoked to hear what they put out this summer even though I’m more into my bleeps and bloops these days.


Spends an hour looking at my library…None of my favorite bands lasted long enough to make two albums…


I can think of so many bands that had a two album streak then bungled it on the third.
I’m still bitter about how much of a let down Tonight from Franz Ferdinand was.


Also would it count if I said Relationship of Command three times because that’s a * really * good album


yes absolutely! i started with midnight organ fight and then moved to pedestrian verse when it came out (winter of mixed drinks is really mixed [har har] for me, whereas i love mof/pv basically back to front)


Tribe Called Quest: People’s Instinctive Travels/Low End Theory/Midnight Marauders/

Sleater-Kinney: Self Titled/Call the Doctor/Dig Me Out/

Obligatory CanCon Answer:
Plumtree: Flutterboard/Mass Teen Fainting/Predicts the Future/

Someone already mentioned The Pillows with Little Busters/Runner’s High/Happy Bivouac, but if you’ll allow me to be something of a Pillows hipster, I really like the transition between Moon Gold/White Incarnation/Kool Spice since it covers the band losing a member over disagreements about style, and then the remaining three band members making a weird one off Jazz album immediately afterwards… Runner’s High is probably still their best album though.


massive attack’s first three albums (blue lines, protection, mezzanine), imo


so many good artists have already been mentioned but i couldn’t resist joining in, so:

Jane Siberry - No Borders Here (1984), The Speckless Sky (1985), The Walking (1987)
The Weakerthans - Left and Leaving (2000), Reconstruction Site (2003), Reunion Tour (2007)
The Dismemberment Plan - The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified (1997), Emergency & I (1999), Change (2001)


There’s already been some Tom Waits on this thing, but Bone Machine/The Black Rider/Mule Variations


I’m really glad that you posted this, because now I know about Vektor, and on first listen, this is very up one of my specific alleys. Thanks :black_heart: