Best Video Game Music of the Year!


As the GOTY lists start to appear I was just thinking what is everyones favourite video game music from this year? I think that it’s been a great year for game music and there has been some brilliant soundtracks so it’d be interesting to see what everyones liked the most!

I’ll start with a few of my favourites and maybe post some more later:

Firstly "Jump Up Super Star " from Super Mario Odyssey - especially since it’s the first vocal track to be a main theme for a main series Mario game. It’s just soooo catchy and it fits the game so well (even if I haven’t played it yet).

Heat Signature had some great music which is nice to just listen to separate from the game specifically Space Sonata and The Other Side.

Snake Pass had some great music by David Wise (can he do anything wrong) and I find the entire soundtrack pretty chill

It’d be great to hear what everyone else’s favourite game music this year has been!


While I can’t play it as it’s on a VR platform I don’t have access to, Jessica Curry’s score for So Let Us Melt is just straight up some of my favorite music to come out this year. The opening track alone gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.


Just started listening to this and it’s so good!!! The opening track is brilliant - kind of reminds me of the Leftovers tv soundtrack


Could pick a song at random from these games, tbh.


I love everything she’s done with The Chinese Room. Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture’s soundtrack is also so excellent :two_hearts:


Outside of the obvious picks everyone’s gonna say, yer Mick Gordon belters, yer Nier Automaters, yer Marioers, all that, I gonna rep Sonic Forces for some brill techno-rock-opera and also for remembering that Shadow The Hedgehog was a game that existed and had kickass music:

Honestly the 4 Episode Shadow tracks are all so god damn good. As far as the main game is concerned though I think Aqua Road is the best of a brill batch:


I adore Pyre’s soundtrack. It’s incredibly dynamic in really interesting ways and, honestly, I can’t really pick one single favorite track from it:

I also love NitW’s music a lot:


I think Austin Wintory’s soundtrack to Tooth & Tail is fantastic! I quite like the Sundered soundtrack as well.


for a bit of an underdog pull, I absolutely adored the soundtrack to Dujanah (Bandcamp). It’s definitely not for everyone but if you are a fan of experimental and lo-fi music it’s an absolute must-listen.

Also please play Dujanah it’s perfect.


2017 gave us 2 great Hideki Naganuma tracks, so those win automatically.


This soundtrack sold me on this game. Don’t discount this on your GMOTYs.


This is easily one of the finest songs I’ve heard in a video game, period.
NieR: Automata has the best soundtrack of anything in 2017.


Oh, no mention of Splatoon 2 in this thread yet? That’s a shame.


NieR is best soundtrack of the year if not top 5 ever.

I beat Cuphead last night and was surprised that its OST is actually my favorite part about the game.

Mario Odyssey has some really great world themes also.

Also Yakuza 0 was another good Yakuza soundtrack and had this


Pyre is a great choice that I forgot all about with all the Odyssey, Automata, Cup Head, and Persona 5 and whatnot…


here’s a real left field choice- In the Voodoo Vince remaster from this year one of the level themes got replaced with a new track. Its super upbeat and jaunty and I dig it a lot

I also really loved the tension music when you’re doing the bank heist in Death of the Outsider

Speaking of Arkane I would be remiss not to mention Mick Gordon’s amazing score for Prey

Spark the Electric Jester had some dope tracks as well


@ohgodwat already mentioned Pyre and Night in the Woods which are my two picks for best music (Path to Glory is easily my fav song this year).

You know what, here’s more from NiTW since I think that game got a lot of love for its art (rightfully so) but less for its OST.

Also have to give Wolfenstein II some love, because what would the best narrative of the year be without a great soundtrack


Yeah, I just realized there isn’t any Persona 5 music here yet and that has to change.


This thread has A) made me realize I haven’t bought that many games that actually came out this year B) There’s been som really great music in games this year. Besides Night in the Woods, Cuphead and So Let Us Melt another standout for me is the the soundtrack to What Remains Of Edith Finch by Jeff Russo :


Many sleeping on Danganronpa V3 this year – Masafumi Takada is a beast and one of the GOAT at this point.