Best Waypoint Podcast Discussions of Leftism in Games Context?


Hey folks - I’m noodling around with some TTRPG stuff and I wanted to get a bit of inspiration regarding a leftist/socialist perspective in game systems. I know that I’ve heard the Waypoint gang discuss leftist viewpoints in games multiple times over the course of listening to the podcast. Apparently I have the memory of a mayfly, though, and can’t remember individual episodes or where to look (and AFAIK there aren’t any transcripts around). Do y’all have any recommendations for the best episodes to listen to on this front?

My first priority is a leftist perspective specifically in the context of game design and systems, but general leftist discussion would also be welcome.



I remember early on in the podcast, they had an episode where they exclusively talked about politics in the context of games and answered politically centered questions from the question bucket. I think at the end they even said they’d do it again at some point but I’m pretty sure that’s the only one.

There’s probably a better way to link this but I just grabbed the one I get when I press “share” in my podcast app.


Perfect! Definitely a good place to start - thank you :slight_smile: