Best/Worst Video Game Graffiti?


Developers often use graffiti in games as an environmental storytelling tool. Sometimes I think this works to great effect, like the demented scrawlings of Rapture’s splicer population in Bioshock. Often, however, it feels rather lazy and cheap, like the countless “THE END IS NEAR” or “SOMEBODY HELP US” drawings scattered throughout more than a few post apocalyptic games. So, what are some of your favorites, or some that really made you roll your eyes?


Left 4 Dead has some bangers

Somebody hide the pens



Related, there’s a mod for left4dead 2 that replaces all the graffiti with jayden smith tweets. It’s okay I guess


I think that bit of Silent Hill 2 graffiti is the best I’ve seen honestly; it’s so unsettling and inexplicable.


This left 4 dead one made me smile back in the day, thanks for reminding me


I really enjoyed the wall-scrawling in the original Portal. Getting into the walls in that game revealed what was actually going on, things you likely suspected but are confirmed once you start digging around in the workings of that facility.

I also really enjoyed a lot of the silly things written on buildings in Borderlands.


Understatement of the year


It turns out I deleted all my The Division screenshots, but I feel like that whole… album… could have gone in this thread.

There were some real real bad tags in that game.




Chicago Ted from L4D


Realtalk: Before it was memed into the ground, Portal’s Rat Man had some of the most effective scrawlings I’ve seen in a game.


Wait HOLD THE PHONE, I just remembered this game exists. Waypoint’s game club’s game for June?


Ubisoft has a bad track record with this, but a lot of the stuff in Watch Dogs 2 felt a little more natural so I’ll let them slide for now.


Infamous: Second Son.



Also since this is a Waypoint forum after all I would be remiss not to mention this context-free piece of art from Dying Light,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/psrckdsa27poj4ayngp3.jpg


The stuff in PUBG is really goofy, ranging from "punks not dead " to “glory to ukraine” in ukrainian and then also some stuff in russian that i forgot, and then there’s also a “tag” that’s just like 4 columns of kanji… It just kind of feels like all the houses in that game are constructed out of “cool dilapidated house assets megapack” things and the graffiti is no exception.


There’s one in that game with the pringles guy holding an AK which is lovely


This is so incredible! I always get chills from it. It also changes if you go back after you finish the Hospital section and gets even creepier. :dizzy_face: