Bethesda @ E3 2017


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Stream here:

Time of start is 12 AM EDT/9 PM PDT.



I’m not staying up that late, I got work tomorrow!


I have faith Bethesda will get some good stuff, mostly because I have faith in Wolfenstein and the potential for surprises, like when Prey turned up, and also when Prey turned up, as an entirely different game to when Prey turned up last time.


Looking forward to seeing Dishonored 2 DLC and seeing if New Colossus is actually real.


Oh no these kids are cute


From the intro:

sick games industry propaganda, 'thesda


Doom VR looks like Doom except less fun.


“FINALLY, an open world vr game!”

ah yes, this is exactly what everyone was all clamoring for (though it does look pretty good)


“Hello, fellow YouTube-ites”



Why does VR always look like garbage but make me feel like I’m missing out…


So they basically just monetized mods?


People try that all the time and it never goes over well so I’m kinda shocked that they’re just… throwing this out there…

Edit: if this leads to modders getting paid fairly, then I’m more for it. A lot of how okay this ends up being will be in the details of it?


oh boy
here come the esports


is literally every conference gonna do this


j u i c e i t u p


YOU can be a pro


The Dishonored DLC is coming so I’m happy.


Ummm, they’re taking them to the next level if you didn’t hear!