Bethesda @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Waypoint Forum’s discussion of E3 2018. This is the official thread for talk about the Bethesda press conference and the games discussed and announced during that press conference. It can also contain discussion of further coverage of those games or companies that appears in later days. We want to contain overlap and multiple threads so please contain all discussion of Bethesda to this thread.
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prediction: Chris Avellone struts on stage, announces he’s the narrative designer of Doom 2, and then struts back off.


“DOOM 2 is the tragic tale of a woman and the space marine/god of death that she loves and the sacrifices she must make! DOOM guy don’t give a shit though it’s all very meta”


This is a joke for anyone reading don’t @me about it :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Boy I left out the exact wrong words before this edit huh?


In Fallout 76 you will emerge from Vault 76 into a post apocalyptic world of over ginned up 50s aesthetic and milquetoast hero-ey questlines. See that mountain? You can reverse pickpocket a grenade into it’s pocket and blow it up. All our characters are shallow enough that it won’t matter to the design or story if you slaughter each and every one them. The console command to give you any item you want is still “additem [item code] [#]”.

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It’s so weird that Fallout is slowly getting more and more living vegetation (based on the MS trailer showing outside 25 years after the bombs fall) so clearly the fallout is extremely slow acting (hundreds of years to wipe out plant life, all while mutating the animals).


I hope the new Prey thing just has the same the goofy-ass achievements they patched into the original for a tease, especially because divvying up those lyrics could make two achievements just “A” and “The”.

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Do we see footage of Starfield today, or no?

I think no? But hope to be proven wrong!

Elder Scrolls Elsweyr you bastards


That’s all I would actually want from this presentation.

But I also enjoy that Andrew WK is now on stage, hahaha


What. Why. Bethesda needs to fill some time I see…

Hoping Rage 2 is a rhythm game rn.


Oh god, this freakin crowd is greeeeeaaaat

And now, Future-Andrew

Oh hey, Andrew WK! Fun completely tangential Andrew WK story: a guy I knew in high school is now the drummer for Andrew WK, because he started a youtube cover video in 2010 with “Andrew, if you’re watching and ever need a drummer, give me a call” and seven years later Andrew took him up on the offer.

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If only! I love Andrew WK and his cheesy metal though, so that plus points for me. Man, this guy is a giant!

Rage 2 looks beautiful but I fear it is too edgy for me.

Edit: Ok, the movement looks great. I’m afraid I’m going to play this dumb game.