Bethesda - E3 2019 Official Thread

“I love genocidal weapons!” - Mr Bethesda Man

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Just here to laugh at the Fallout 76 shitshow.

They’re so desperate to sell this thing holy shit.

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The creative director on Ghostwire: Tokyo (a tremendous name) is enough for me to forgive 1% of the Fallout 76 presentation.

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“Don’t fear the unknown, attack it.”

Sooooo, Japanese isolationism?


This entire conference : “remeber fallout?”

Ya’ll this all sounds amazing and I can’t wait to watch

This guy LOVES ESO.

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It’s not a bad game.

I’d take a check to be an in-audience hype man too.


I wonder if he’s married to WOOOOOO girl.

My dignity is way cheaper than that. I would take a free copy of Doom: Eternal to be Bethesda’s official “woo” person.

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I’m tired of being promised dragons and just getting overlarge wyverns.


My thing with ESO is that all the expansions look super badass, and I’ve bought every one up to Somerset, but then I’m always reminded that it plays like an Elder Scrolls title and then I feel foolish afterwards

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Stupid skeleton man trying to fight a dragon

Bethesda conference audience: Woooooooooooooooooo

Ghostwire has a cool premise though

I do wish I still had half the hype in me that this audience does for commercials

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Literal same hat. Except I don’t hate elder scrolls gameplay. It’s just… not the most interesting.

I keep telling myself I’ll play it eventually but I get distracted by other games.


i appreciate yelling dudes gusto, at the very least

Monty Python’s Flying Circus game?

Oh… you did good BJ Blazkowitz’s grandkid.

Pay us micro transactions for commander keen nostalgia