Better Call Saul


man who would have thought this would end up being better than breaking bad

join me in my prayers for kim


I just finished the first season, and I’m obsessed with it.
I think it addresses the self-seriousness of BB but still pulls off heavy emotional moments (like Jimmy realizing Chuck was keeping him out of the firm).


When it was starting up I thought “I’ll watch an episode or two because Saul is a fun character,” but my expectations were pretty low.

But as it turned out, yeah, I’m enjoying it even more than Breaking Bad. I don’t really want to say it’s better or worse until it’s complete- but it certainly hit the ground running and got into its groove faster than BB did.


i really need to start watching this season, havent had time to watch the first few yet


For some reason I thought it was gonna be funnier. But then it was just gooder.


Last episode was one of the most delightful ever. This team has complete mastery over perfect details: Salamanca’s goons disagreeing over barring the door for the mom and her kid, the entire hilarious Mike-and-drill sequence, Mike reading Handyman magazine…

(That said, I think the Better Than Breaking Bad take is glossing over that, by this point in Breaking Bad, we were deep into season 3, one of the greatest TV seasons ever… certainly nobody thought BCS was better in its pretty good season 1. My hot take is they are Equally Good and the better than argument is silly.)


I also want to shout out the Better Call Saul Insider podcast, which delights me every week. They go deep into producing every episode, and for a show as beautiful and production-intensive as this one, you gain a lot of appreciation for the incredible work they put into it. I think one reason its so good is that it’s really podcasty; I listen to The Americans’ podcast too, but it’s really short and edited and not as good. Meanwhile, over at the Saul podcast, they’re just hanging out for an hour shooting the shit. You get the good production stories, and then stuff like Jonathan Banks going on an old man tangent about a book he’s reading, or Vince Gilligan doing a Huell Houser impression.


I don’t know if there’s ever been a better spin-off series. I’ve seen it theorized occasionally that the show will eventually jump forward to the black and white scenes of the future. I would love to see more of his mundane life at Cinnabon and I don’t really know what else he would be doing with those scenes if they don’t eventually lead somewhere. We’ll have to see what happens in response to him fainting at work. What do the rest of you think?


Assuming a five-season run: I think this season will end with the emergence of Saul Goodman, next season we’ll see him do some Saul stuff, and it will end with Saul meeting Walter White. The final season will take place post-BB as Jimmy has to abandon his life in Omaha for something involving Kim.


I love this show so much but the ratings are so bad. I’ve gone from hoping that they get another season to hoping that they can finish up this season.


I can’t really compare BCS to BB, because it’s trying to do a much different thing while using the characters and world of that show as a jumping-off point, but I am enjoying it much more. Jimmy and Chuck have an incredibly unique relationship and rivalry. Bob Odenkirk is making Jimmy so much more than the Saul Goodman we saw in BB, and I’m loving every second of it. Jonathan Banks’ Mike is getting to shine more often too, and it’s great to have more time with that character. And of course, there’s the obvious driving question set up at the debut of the series: With her obviously being the thing he most cares about, WHY is Kim not in Jimmy’s Saul Goodman period of life?

I didn’t know it was having ratings trouble–I hope that doesn’t matter as much as it used to and it keeps going, because it feels like we’re fairly close to a natural end. Also, I hope Vince Gilligan is around making TV like this for a long, long time.