Better late than never? Sony to allow PSN ID changes in the near future


Makes sense. Other devs were making their games for Xbox and Steam where name changes have been part of the equation since day 1. Sony studios only developed in an ecosystem where account names were static forever (and presumably much much shorter than a GUID string).


I’m glad for this because now I can finally change my name from the one I stopped using a decade ago, and my partner can change her username so that it no longer dead names her every time she logs in!


Hard to say, but plausible – what @Murph said is a good point around system flexibility, but it’s also plausible that third parties didn’t report or aren’t known issues.

I think the capacity to revert ID’s does deal with this fairly well in substance. There’s absolutely scenarios where you would not want to revert (e.g. deadnames) but I do think this is a case of software engineers trying to fix broken foundations while keeping the house standard.


I’m kinda surprised that this isn’t just a display name change. So you’re old name is the account name which everything is tied to, and this is just a display name. I feel like that would have been easier to implement as a system (but I am not a dev)


So excited to finally not be confronted by my deadname every time I boot up my ps4, couldn’t care less about any of the stuff that might get broken!


I was happy to switch my name. I picked mine twelve years ago. At the time I just selected something simple and functional as I never thought it would be used as a handle. I was never that into people addressing me by my psn name. It felt like a sterile designation more than a name. Now people are far more likely to call me ‘hex’ if I play co-op or multiplayer again in the future. That’s fine with me.

Today I got two email notices – one from EA and one from Ubisoft – regarding my accounts and password resets. I was thrown off at first, curious if it was a scam. I suspect it’s about my PSN name change.