Better title for PUBG

Giant Bomb did a live stream of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS yesterday and called their stream "Murder Island."
Does anyone else think this is a better title?


Nah. We’re at a weird point with names. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a bad name, for sure, but its distinct, googleable, probably doesn’t step on other copyrights, etc. It’s the reason why everything that comes out of tech startups has the worst names. Not saying its good, but it makes sense.

I kinda love it. It’s just PUBG most of the place, which when spoken lends itself to “pub-guh,” which is fine. Worse was when people just called it “Battlegrounds” if you play, say, WoW, and get invited to play Battlegrounds, and get to have an extra few sentences of miscommunication.

There’s something charming about including creator identity, when that identity is decidedly… not an identity. It’s about as antithetical to putting your name on your product as you can get, while also trying to put your name on your product. I’d take it over the inclusion of rare zombies that don’t work, and it being called “BattlegroundZ” like the majority of the genre, so, it could be worse.

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Murder Island is the superior name but I would be shocked if something else hasn’t done something with that name yet


That game should be called Dieland. Obviously.


PUBG is kind of hard to Google, weirdly enough. When I saw my friends on Discord playing “PUBG” and I googled it, I got brought to some clan pages and Twitch streams, where I’d normally expect to see the PUBG website or Steam page. Maybe they just need to work on their SEO?

edit: obligatory battle royale with cheese joke

american mcgee’s playerunknown’s battlegrounds


clive barker’s american mcgee’s playerunknown’s battlegrounds


The Big Fight Convention

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That Guy You Know’s Fighting Places

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Clive Barker’s American McGee’s Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, A Spike Lee Joint


The correct acronym is PUBEs!

I think the awful title is part of the charm. I love it.

The sequel is called ArchiHellago, of course.



Why did I think this was funny?


Stone Cold Steve Austin Presents

Shooty McSurvival Map Face

Clive Barker’s American McGee’s Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, A Spike Lee Joint & Knuckles


MYSTERY MAN’S FOUNDATION OF CONFLICT is my name of choice :grin:

EDIT: Really though, it isn’t that bad a title. Nothing will beat out “Sly Cooper and the Thevious Racoonus” for worst game title ever…

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds 2: Battle

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