Bigger avatars?

Might be just me but I wish avatars were larger. Seems like there’s plenty of unused space to the left of posts there. I’ve always found it fun seeing these things and associating them with people.

I like the minimalistic aesthetic of the forums. Makes it easier for users with slower connections as well. I mean, I can squint REAL HARD and see that your avatar is from Scott Pilgrim. I think. Maybe.

EDIT: Plus, you can click on the avatar and it’ll enlarge and give info on the user. Pretty useful.

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Didn’t know about the click thing, that’s neat.

I mean, I guess the best thing would be a big/small avatar toggle somewhere in the options so everyone can set it to their preference, although that might be a lot more work depending on how this forum framework works.

EDIT: and yeah, it’s Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. I’ve never seen these types of forums before, so it may be some under the hood stuff that would make it difficult. The forums remind me a lot of Disquis comment sections, though.

Yes. Bigger please.

A big/small toggle would just make it look like a jumble of big and large avatars and not really look nice in the long run. Maybe they could be a LITTLE bigger overall, but not too much I think. I think the user cards are super neat, though.

bigger everything

Wait, how so? What I mean is a layout toggle so that every user can select whether they wanna see big or small avatars, not to select whether your own avatar appears big or small to everyone, if that’s what you’re saying.

Yeah, thats what I thought you meant, haha.[quote=“Gyrazel, post:8, topic:1217”]
select whether your own avatar appears big or small to everyone