Biggest Video Game Lie or Hoax You Fell For


A friend told me in primary school that GTA San Andreas was better than Vice City because you can control the main character’s fingers individually. I believed this for years.


That there’s a secret 2D platforming level in Star Fox, but only if you go the hardest route and beat it under a certain amount of time.

That kid was a jerk.


as a foolish child, i believed that holding B+down as i threw a pokeball would guarantee i caught the pokemon. now, as a wise and powerful adult, i know that it is A+up that is correct


Everything Peter Molyneux said before the release of Black & White.

(the game was still good, but I had to severly reset my expectations.)


The Street Fighter 2 Sheng Long thing. Pretty quickly my friends and I found out it was BS (and by pretty quickly I mean like by the end of that summer, hahaha). But I worked at an arcade when the game was out, and I would have people come in saying that they saw people playing as him, or that they unlocked him and stuff like that.


I spent so long trying to get under that damn truck


I was deeply in love with Midtown Madness 2 while in primary school.

It’s still my fav racing game to this day for the 2000s low-res style, the facetious voice-over, the easiness of driving… but mostly for the deep impression that driving openly through a relatively faithful London or San Francisco had on me. It was the first way I got to know both cities as a child, and it definitely had a deep influence on how I’ve viewed them ever since.

Anyway, when you drive in London in this game, it’s lots of fun to jump over the drawbridges, which rise and go down constantly. (In the game, almost all the bridges in London are drawbridges.)
There are barges crossing under those bridges, moving in circles. If you time your jump well, you can aim for a few of those barges when the drawbridge rises, and land your car on board, which is always intensely satisfying:

A kid told me that if you reached one of those barges, and waited for hours on board (he must have specified a specific amount of time, I do not recall it), the barge would start moving, sail on the Thames, and take you to Paris, which was a secret level, where you would be able to drive freely.

I did not question him, I spent hours and hours trying to reach those barges, and waiting inside foolishly until the ship would take me to Paris.


The very first website I ever made was in high school. It was dedicated to investigating the possibility of resurrecting Aeris in Final Fantasy VII and testing possible theories.


I fell for the Nude Raider cheat code story. In my defense, I was like 11.

EGM had some good jokes.

edit: I looked it up and apparently that was actually EGM2! Wow, the '90s were wild.


that video games were good


When I was a little guy I used to frequent I believe it was there that I became aware of a rumor that the Triforce was totally in Zelda 64 and you had to get into the sages room in the Temple of Time to get it.

A “friend” also told me that if you could cover one of the lookout towers in the jungle level of Goldeneye with paint from paintball mode (which is an actual thing in the game) that it would…open up or something? And you could see the guards inside watching a little TV? I don’t really remember it was a terrible con job that I fell all the way for.

This same friend also bought the game Bio Freaks so make of that what you will.

Edit: Oh shit they archived the site! Hey, maybe the internet is not all the way bad sometimes.


There’s an archive of ALL of Computer Gaming World that some dedicated nuts run, and I gotta say it’s fantastically interesting to read through. Gaming in the 80s was very different! And the ads are pretty fun.


I fell for the biggest hoax of them all: Video Games




Looking for Big Foot in San Andreas ruined so many hours of sleep.


The kid across the street told me that if your save file went over 100 hours in Pokemon Yellow the game would reset and I believed this for years partially because another friend had Yellow and reached over a 100 hours only to discover her game reset. I only just recently realized this was fake because I sort of just assumed number wrap around broke things so they added a way to prevent it.

The reality was the kid was a jerk who reset my friends game and I should have figured it out sooner considering this same kid also had been stealing my Pokemon cards when I wasn’t looking.

Another one had to do with this book (or maybe it was the third edition)

I got the book in a scholastic school book order and in the back of it there’s a green circle with a question mark where it eluded to a new pokemon. Someone in my class convinced me that if you took a quarter and scratched the circle like a lotto ticket you could see an outline image of the new pokemon.


The Diablo 1 cow level. I was eleven years old and the internet was a pretty new thing to me.


That Spore would be the everything game.


Oh I also believed the hype around Duke Nukem Forever so I own two new in box £60 copies for absolutely no reason. I don’t know why I bought them.


If you tried enough times with Homer, you could lift up the car in the Simpsons Arcade Game and throw it like a weapon.