Biggest Video Game Lie or Hoax You Fell For


someone told me (i don’t remember if it was something on the internet or someone i knew in person?) that in pokemon diamond & pearl, if you said “gotcha!” into the DS mic as you threw a pokeball, it would increase your chances of catching a pokemon

also i still do the A+up thing. it’s pure instinct now and i likely won’t stop until pokemon is on a console that doesn’t allow me to do it anymore


The cake

I’ll see myself out


All of mine were Smash Bros Melee related. I heard rumors that if you beat the single player on the hardest difficulty without dying that you would have to fight Master Hand and Crazy hand. If you beat them under a certain time, Giga Bowser showed up. Then if you beat him you would either unlock him or a Red Koopa (depending on where the rumor came from).


Not sure if it was more of a misunderstanding rather than a hoax but when I was gifted the first Harry Potter DVD it came with 2 disks. The second disk wouldn’t work on our computer for some reason but my friend told me it was because it was actually a PS2 disk. Thus I somehow convinced my parents to buy me a my first console so this gift wouldn’t partly go to waste. Turns out it wasn’t a PS2 disk but at least we could watch DVDs on the TV.


Ya’ll remember when Todd Howard said all the dungeons in Oblivion and Skyrim were handcrafted?

Then he had the nerve to tell us Fallout 4 would be good


When I was in elementary school I thought you could write Amiga games to NES cartridges, but first you had to erase your NES cartridge by putting it in the oven.


I’m pretty sure the biggest was a hoax about unlocking a secret team in Sonic Heroes of evil characters (definitely featuring Chaos from Sonic Adventure, which is the only one I remember) which you could take into the final boss fight with you. This was floating around a GameFAQs print-out my cousin had, hence why I believed it, the fool I was.


I remember falling for the “L is real 2401” SM64 hoax back when I was browsing early YouTube. I also fell for this video(for like, a day):


I completed every challenge in CoD4 multiplayer believing I would receive gold skin for the knife. I regret nothing though, that game was fantastic


One of my friends told me that if you were fast enough in the first level of Duke Nukem 3D you could get to the alien ship you see crashing before it despawned and fly it to Planet X, which was a secret episode.

He also had the expansion pack, which I didn’t even know existed at the time. It blew my mind so I was inclined to believe him.


On the subject of secrets I thought were hoaxes but actually weren’t, discovering I could play as Master Hand in Melee was a revelation


I had an older cousin I played Pokemon with and he told me so many bogus Pokemon secrets I don’t even remember them all. If you could get to the blocked-off water where the SS Anne is, mew’s there. Celebi’s in the waterfall between Kanto & Johto. There was some thing he even tried to tell me where, like, I don’t even remember what the pay-off was but you had to like not have any pokemon faint over a certain number of times or like take them to the Pokemon center a certain number of times??? Mewthree, Pikablu, the list goes on and on. Funnily enough I don’t think I heard the Mew Under The Truck thing until later in life.


I read a FFVII guide that said that it was possible to get a flying chocobo. I spent days trying to get one following that guide.


I have no idea what the purported reward was, but I remember trying to beat the elite four in Pokemon Red 50 times in a row without healing at a pokecenter due to something I read on the internet.


All the hype for the first Fable, I feel for it so had that I believed it so much that I then fell for a forum rumor about hidden content if I solved riddles posted by someone called the “Better Bard”. After much frustration, I discovered how data miners had looked into the files and found that there really was no hidden content.

I did also completely fall for the Down-B aiding catching Pokemon.


Half Life 3 :disappointed:


It’s a pretty well known thing in very old World of Warcraft raid teams, or at least mine, that when they’d bring new people to Molten Core (a giant 40-player raid back then), they’d have them take a peek at Ragnaros (the final boss, a fire lord) through a crack in another boss’ room. We’d clear up to that boss and all the new people would run over and look at the crack to see the boss. So when it was my turn, I ran up to get a peek at the final boss.

Definitely couldn’t see it, and standing directly on that crack in the boss’ room would just nearly instantly kill you with lava fire damage. I definitely died and the laughter of an entire raid team on Ventrilo was ringing in my ears.

To be fair, aggregated data sites for World of Warcraft were just BARELY a thing in 2005, so pardon me.


My friend told me that you could use a cheat code to have the Death Star as a flyable starship in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

For some reason i believed him and never thought to check???


back before killzone 2 came out i saw a screenshot that looked kinda dull and then someone posted another screenshot that made it look that that earlier screenshot was actually a poster in game against a brick wall and the real game actually looks miles better. it fooled me good


This was in the OFFICIAL GUIDE!