Biggest Video Game Lie or Hoax You Fell For


The Pendant. Dark Souls. Damn Miyazaki, damn him! I put over 3000 hours into that game and hundreds of that was me trying to play the pendant at nearly every single pixel and location in the game, sometimes just one sometimes up to 99 at a time. All to no avail. That damn pendant. I have become crestfallen and hollow.


I laughed way too hard at this. Truly the biggest gaming hoax of all time.


Pre-ordering games is a good use of your money.


Getting Mew in Pokemon Red from moving the truck was probably the one I tried the hardest at.


I found a biggest lie I fell for: F2P micro-transactions in $60 games are bringing in so much money that they can’t go away (at least not quickly).

Even without the question of how many sales are lost via them (reducing how many copies of the game are sold - eg the same thing that broke the always-on DRM maths for Ubisoft some years ago: they “lost” less to piracy but sales also declined rapidly enough for them to give up on that always-on DRM everywhere plan for some years) or how it takes money from other game sales (as many consumers don’t have elastic disposable income so that money comes from somewhere and it’s just as likely to be a second game purchase as movie tickets or a meal out that’s been cut back on). Even without that stuff, what if loot box monetisation is a play for a future they hope to happen where everyone spends like it was an F2P game but right now the revenue stream is pretty minor compared to actually just selling a game? What if preying on addiction could be taken out of all AAA games tomorrow and it wouldn’t have a material impact on expected revenue.

On November 16, 2017, Electronic Arts Inc. (“EA”) announced in a blog on its website at that it will turn off all in-game purchases for the Star Wars Battlefront II title until further notice. This change is not expected to have a material impact on EA’s fiscal year 2018 financial guidance.

You don’t lie to the SEC, it’s extremely poor business to take that risk.

Loot Boxes Suck, But What Takes Their Place?

Do all the Mortal Kombat urban legends count if they all eventually ended up coming true?


I remember a great one that happened for Mortal Kombat on the SNES which loads of people (myself and a friend included) fell for, but sadly can’t remember all the details.

It was in a magazine over here (UK) called Nintendo Magazine System (which was later renamed Official Nintendo Magazine).

Since the game was censored on the SNES, there was an April Fools cheat to unlock ‘blood mode’, which involved taping a 2 pence coin to the top of the cartridge (to fool the SNES into thinking it was an older, heavier cart or something like that) and then you had to do something really elaborate like get two perfects then hitting a fatality at an exact time near the end of the time limit, then doing a button combination on the player 2 controller or something like that.

I’ve tried to get some info by quickly googling and that’s about as much as I can find. The main thing I remember is sitting there with a 2p coin sellotaped to the top of my game desperately trying to unlock the gore in the game. :slight_smile:


I remember my friends and I back in junior high school convinced ourselves that the Turbografx-16 was so powerful and amazing that it could learn from you as you played. We were convinced that the enemies would gradually learn our behaviors, our strategies, and our general ways of behaving and then react differently each time we played.


I had this friend that just made up shit constantly, and I always believed him. Looking back now, the biggest lie I think I ever believed him on was how he tried on VR and how interactive it was. Told me how he was personally throwing Bowser around or something. I wanted to see it, but he said it was super secret stuff and he only knew about it because of his friend.
This was easily over 20 years ago by the way. Well before current VR tech.
I remembered this years later and had a “what the hell was wrong with me?” moment.


My “friend” trolled me with pokemon blue rumors in the schoolyard. The only one I put any effort into was catching a pikablu (Marill) which involved standing in the rock tunnel for 24 hours then the next step you took should spawn one.

Needless to say nothing happened and I had to have my Gameboy plugged into the wall with a power pack cause no battery could have lasted for that long.


I was told that if you kept charging your spindash for 10 mins in Sonic & Knuckles, the spindash itself would get set on fire and that would launch sonic to the next level.
Tried, got a timeout.
I was also told that there existed a port of GTA Vice City for the GBC.


Definitely searching for Bigfoot out in GTA: San Andreas.

I think that’s the beauty of these kind of open world games, especially the ones made by RockStar. The world is so large and dense with detail, you could theoretically come across anything. I remember getting obsessed with the idea of Red Dead Redemption being haunted.

I think there was a Kill screen piece about this guy experiencing a haunting in Red Dead Redemption in the big mansion at the ghost town, always stuck with me. No idea if it’s true or not, but I wouldn’t put it past the developers to go to great lengths to have that one player have an experience like that.

As for routine video game hype, I remember reading about Trespasser and how it was going to be the most realistic and therefore best game ever made. I mean kudos to the game giving you full control over your arm but man… do you not need that level of control in games. Still wish somebody would take a stab at that kind of game now.


Reading this thread is bringing back some really fun memories of the strange lies that I had been told in my youth. The most distressing to me though was that a kid on my summer camp bus told me there was a way to save Fox’s dad in StarFox 64–that he wasn’t actually dead but captured–and I spent hours trying to figure out how to rescue him in that final mission only to feel like a colossal failure for always escaping without him.

While it wasn’t a lie/hoax, I remember reading on a GameFAQs guide how to catch Feebas in Pokemon Ruby and thinking “this is such obvious bullshit no way is it true” but, sure enough, I caught one methodically going through that damn lake tile by tile.

All of this does make me wonder: are younger kids going to have the same sort of experience with game legends and lies? I feel like a lot of this was enhance for me, and it seems like a lot of others, by the fact that the internet was a huge unknown and one would simply stumble across weird little sites claiming to know all sorts of things. In contrast, now I feel like, any lie/hoax can probably be easily debunked by YouTube or whatever.


After I saw the death counter at the end of Link to the Past I convinced myself that if I beat the game without dying or using a fairy there would be a special ending. I spent a lot of time replaying the game with that goal in mind.


I believed in the CJ’s mom’s ghost myth in San Andreas so hard that one time I swore I saw her standing in front of the TV in the living room of the house.

Also spent a lot of time looking for bigfoot, and for the serial killer in the shack on that same mountain.


I was told that if you beat Pokémon Emerald’s Elite 4 fifty times, you’d get a second master ball.

At this point in my life (read: elementary school) I was allowed two hours of screen-time per night, so cue me doing nothing but playing the Elite 4 for a literal month.

Cue no master ball, and I had to go and try to catch Latios the old-fashioned way anyway.

Cue sad diglett.


i dont know if it counts as a hoax per se but i still hold down + b in pokemon games after i throw a pokeball because at some point someone told me that makes them more likely to work. i know this is not the case. i have known this since probably a couple years after i first heard it. i absolutely cannot stop doing it.


A kid in the playground told me there was a way to get behind the Deku tree in Ocarina of Time, and that if you did you could shoot a fire arrow at its back and it would reveal a place to type in a new name for Navi. Finally, if you rename Navi to another character’s name (i.e. Ganon or Zelda) and then started a new save file over the renamed Navi save file and named Link whatever you named Navi, you could play as Ganon, Zelda, or Shiek.


This is my answer as well.


I have a melee one as well. If I remember correctly, it was something about beating Adventure mode with Marth or Roy on the hardest difficulty without losing a stock (under a certain amount of time?). If you did it successfully, you’d unlock a secret Fire Emblem stage.

A video game hoax I still fall for is video game drop rates. Looking at you Monster Hunter World; ain’t no freaking way Toxin Sacs are 19% chance from high-level Pukei Pukei…