Biggest Video Game Lie or Hoax You Fell For


That if you only buy games during Steam sales you save money




I don’t know if this counts, exactly, but as a kid, I was sleeping over at a friend’s house and he told me that he had gotten a Power Glove. The story was that nobody else was allowed to use it because his mom was afraid we’d break it, so he had to keep it in the spare bedroom.

Of course, the second he left the room to go to the bathroom, I bolted for the spare bedroom and excitedly grabbed the knob, not noticing that he had coated it with some - apparently extremely rancid - vegetable oil. Naturally he was not actually in the bathroom and had followed me so he could laugh his ass off. My hand smelled like week-old french fries for the entire weekend.

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know when to just take the Win and kept insisting, even after the successful prank, that the Power Glove story was true. The next morning at breakfast, I screwed up all my courage and begged his mom to let us play with it, even going so far as to swear my parents would pay if we broke it.

The look on his face as I utterly, innocently exposed his lie was priceless. His mom was furious. While he never admitted to getting grounded, he mysteriously came up with excuses for why he couldn’t play for the next two weeks.


In vanilla World of Warcraft, there was a cave in the mountains of Stranglethorn Vale that was only accessible via some collision-exploiting wall climbing.

The lie was that, every so often (once a month, I think?) a vendor would spawn in the cave, and he was the only vendor in the game that sold a unique “Bengal Tiger” mount.

The functionally unaccessible vendor didn’t exist, and all the supporting data was likely mined from an alpha version of the game, but I didn’t learn any of that until after I spent a night jumping up a cliff so I could leave a character camped in the cave for a month.


As much as it shames me to admit it, I was another impressionable teen who longed for a glimpse of Lara Crofts triangualar tatas. Kind of wild the lengths we’d go through for some low resolution digital flesh back in the day given what everyone has instant unlimited access to now.


Neither lie nor hoax, technically, but during the development of Super Smash Brothers Melee Ditto was available in pokeballs, he would morph into your character and help you in battle, it was removed shortly before the game released but after the Official Nintendo Power Players Guide went to the printers. we we spent so long wondering how to get him to show up.


That Christians were actually outraged at Dante’s Inferno. Remember Dante’s Inferno? That game was bizarre, and awful.


All I remember about that was that time I watched a video where Satan was the last boss and had a giant dong. I fail to see how that game is not a classic


You’re right, how could I forget about that? Clearly, this game, with its satan dong and clitoris swords should be given every Keighly, from past, present and future


Thank you I am glad to see this game finally get it’s due


Remember the Lust section

b/c boy would I like to forget it


Oh to be clear I am sure that game is awful I am in all ways joking about that game being good


Aside from trying to push the truck in Pokémon Blue, for me the one that I unconditionally believed for no reason was that you could get Luigi as a party member in Final Fantasy 9. You got him in the last area of the game, which I never reached, so I didn’t actually get the chance to verify it myself but the story seemed so possible that I just bought into it completely.

As I recall, the idea was that, in exchange for making Super Mario RPG, Square had a one-time deal with Nintendo that they were allowed to include a Mario character in one of their games and they’d chosen to cash in their chips. I think Luigi would have been hiding in a barrel or something in the final area and if you found him he would ask if you knew where Mario was and come along with you to find him (or something along those lines). I think the combination of the corporate tie-in explanation and the fact that there were no crazy conditions to get him made me think that, well if it was so easily disproved and “no-one” had disproved it, it must be true. My friend ended up borrowing FF9 and finishing it before me and told me that no, it definitely wasn’t true and I felt pretty embarrassed for going on about it so much. (age 11-12, for what it’s worth)


This was my saddest moment, too. I never even bothered completing the final section of the game, I was so depressed by the entire thing.


haven’t read the rest of the post but I’m strapping in for one hell of a ride rn


“Brink will be great!”

Last midnight release I’ll ever do.


The “you can catch a Mew if you walk around the truck in Vermilion City, by the S.S. Anne, and use Strength” in Gen I Pokemon games is probably the biggest one.


Definitely believed some rumor about a special Fatality in Mortal Kombat where Sonya flashed you to death (no, I don’t know how that would work either). Rumors of subsequent “nudalities” were pretty firmly disbelieved.

I haven’t played a Pokemon game in nearly a decade but I guarantee I will still hold down + B when I throw a pokeball.


Yeah, definitely this one. It didn’t help that there were like 4 different “ways to catch Mew” all of which but one were fake.


At one point I had fully bought into the Skyrim Bug Jars conspiracy.