Biggest Video Game Lie or Hoax You Fell For


That all gaming communities are super positive and welcoming, where all anyone cares about is having fun!

Did I ever get burned on that one.


I remember my older cousin telling me that when Mario eats a mushroom that causes his bones to double in size and his skin to stretch, it’s relatively painless. In hindsight I now know that’s ridiculous.


I mean, as a Christian I was outraged at Dante’s Inferno but only for the same reasons everybody else was.


Comedy Anime geysers of blood from the nose???


lol…wow yea…comon. th pain of the transformation is , obviuosly, devestating


Especially when it goes wrong.


isn’t this the plot to The Enigma of Amigara Fault


this is my mushroom
it was made for me

my favourite mario quote


The Enigma of Mamamia Fault


Crackdown 2, Skyrim, Fallout 4, basically anything with a number on it that wasn’t a Metroid Prime or Mass Effect game.


I tried so hard to trigger the supposed secret dream for Shadow in FFVI that would enable him to survive in the ending.

Also, the same with resurrecting General Leo.