Binary Domain this weekend?


It is a three-day holiday for students in the U.S. so I am taking a break from Persona 5 and Injustice 2 to (finally) break into Binary Domain properly.

I was curious if anyone else was planning to and if we wanted to use this space to talk about the game as we go though.


I’m slogging through it as much as I can this weekend. In the middle of Chapter 4 right now. Dan sucks.


Dan is so terrible. I mean I love looking at American heroics from the Japanese perspective but he is such a douche


Dan is suuuuch an ass so far. We’re through the first half of the game and recorded an ep—not sure when it’ll be live on the site yet, but look forward to that.


Is Dan the protagonist? I don’t remember. Also, I’m looking forward to the discussion of Big Bo. #BigBoDiscourse


Dan is awful. Everyone in your crew is kinda awful Even Cain who’s a robot and french (for no reason) Yet speaks english with a french accent (for no reason), but at least all of your teammates have traits. Dan would legit improve if he just was a camera with a gun.


I’m definitely looking forward to the discussion on this game. I can’t bring myself to play past chapter 2 because the gameplay is REALLY not my cup of tea. I guess, I’ll have to live vicariously through everyone else who decided to opt into the “video game book club.” (actual title pending release of the episode)


Update! I have finished Binary Domain. My opinion of Dan remains unchanged.


I just started Chapter 5.

A LOT of the character interaction in this game is very hokey, but given that this comes from a Japanese perspective, it doesn’t shock me. In some ways, I’m surprised that there was effort put into giving the Rust Crew personalities of their own beyond “RA RA SHOOT GUNS.”

Dan is a bit of a doof, for sure, but it hasn’t put me off. It’s kinda like if Nathan Drake was a few notches closer to the d-bag side of the spectrum.

My initial opinion: It’s a Sega-ass Sega game.


I disliked being Dan so much that I thought about doing a playthrough where I was negative to everyone so that they would feel about Dan the way I think they should feel about Dan.


This may partially be my general habit of gravitating toward supporting/overlooked characters, but I think Rachel rules. Her shotgun is really useful in (some) fights and it’s nice to see a female character not designed with “obvious love interest/eye candy” as their primary characteristic.

Plus it’s fun when she and Charles are both just absolute pricks to Dan.


At the start of the game, I really thought Dan was an asshole so that he could have a character arc driven by the dialogue system.

End-game spoilers:

It’s a little disappointing that he remained an asshole by the end, except that he likes robots now because he boned one.

I thought it was a simplistic fun cast of characters, even if some of them weren’t particularly likeable.


I don’t love or even clearly remember any of the characters from Binary Domain, but the world that was built in the fiction of this game is fantastic and has suck with me for years.

In my head there is an alternate reality where the fictional world of Binary Domain snuck into a summer Blockbuster movie and we ended up with a woke version of Terminator 2 that made the real world a slightly better place.