Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

I just saw Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey last night, and what a blast. I had so much fun watching this movie, it’s definitely my favorite DCEU film now. I hope more people get to the theater to check it out.


Why do you reckon it’s bombed then?

Probably because it’s a sequel to Suicide Squad. Hard to sell people on that one.

But it was pretty good, I think my favourite of the DCEU. I liked it more than Captain Marvel, too, as it is inevitably going to be compared to for the gender of their leads. Also, (very minor spoilers) between Montoya’s ex-girlfriend and the opening cartoon where Harley talks about all of her heartbreaks including a silhouette I think was meant to be a woman, this film has more LGBT representation than the entire MCU so far.


I don’t know! Probably like @ricotta said, a sequel to Suicide Squad made it a hard sale. Probably a bunch of other reasons, too: female lead, a history of bad DCEU movies, not enough marketing?, super hero fatigue, the “confusing” title. Margot is such a big star (right?) that I’m surprised more people aren’t going. I already know this is gonna be a day one blu ray purchase for me, I honestly can’t wait to watch it again.

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I mean, it cost $80 million to make and made $81 million in its opening weekend with an R rating. It’s not a runaway success, but it did its job.

As to the movie itself, I thought it was…good, but kinda unremarkable? There’s a certain kind of competence in movie-making where I have a good time and completely forget the movie by the time I’m out of the theater.


It’s doing a lot of the same aesthetic stuff as Suicide Squad (flashy character intros, on-the-nose music choices, running gags via on-screen exposition), but more confidently ties them into the core themes and tone of the film. I agree it’s unremarkable, but it has a distinct identity and nails all the basic movie structure fundamentals, which puts it above and beyond Suicide Squad (and Joker IMO).

This was definitely sent out to die though, I only found out the release date the day before. Plus it’s centered on a third-rung character that has less pop culture influence than you’d think. The “we don’t know how well this will do and don’t really care” February release window speaks volumes.

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I mean, I’m pretty sure DC has said that Harley Quinn is their 4th most popular character beyond Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. If anything the movie probably did worse because it wasn’t just called “Harley Quinn”

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Studio execs apparently seem to believe that, since they removed that subtitle in response to low numbers.

I think it would be crazy for that to actually be the make or break thing of the movie, but it’s not like I know what the hell goes through the mind of general audiences.


Saw it this morning. Had a lot of fun. Big Deadpool energy (which is a plus for me. I know I’m probably not supposed to like those movies but oh well!)

I honestly just hope this does well enough that DC greenlights a Gotham City Sirens film.


Watched this one yesterday and it was a lot of fun! I don’t think it was like, revolutionary but it knew what it wanted to be, what style ton convey and stuck to it. The last superhero movie I’ve watched was far from home and that one was… it was bad. Very, very bad. So that was a nice way of washing off my plate.

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I had a really fun time with this movie. I never saw Suicide Squad and didn’t even know this was supposed to be a sequel, but enjoyed it nonetheless. It wasn’t anything revolutionary like others have said, but I don’t think it needed (or wanted) to be either.

Re: the naming thing, apparently the film itself isn’t getting a name change, but theater sites and ticket sites are displaying the film’s name as “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey” (which sounds pretty generic imo), to supposedly help with search engine optimization, ticket site searches, etc. I mean I guess that kinda makes sense? But it’s still pretty wild to me


I bet the movie does 18% better at launch if it was called harley quin and the birds of prey.

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