Black Desert Online has a lot of amazing innovations while also being held back by the usual Korean grind


The combat in this game is fantastic IF you like fighting games, frenetic combat, and are good at learning and mastering combos. Seriously, if you thought Blade & Soul was good but relied on 1-frame links or homing too much, BDO has that covered. The fighting is like a Musou or Sengoku Basara game turnt up to 12.

The Amity System is unique in that you don’t just go from NPC to NPC farming 100 quests per zone to move on and never come back. You gotta learn about people, know folks, finish plot lines, explore the world and learn about things the NPCs are interested in, and then they might give you the quest, if they like you. Getting NPCs to trust and like you can be grind-y but at the same time, it does make you actually put in work(and for some folks that’s TOO much) but going into a new town in wow, fast clicking through the convo and killing 8 salamanders is just too boring for me. I want to be invested.

The economy is bonkers, there are entire guilds of pirates and fisherman and fisherman pirates just out there in the ocean doing things. There is an entire mercantile industry in this game that is mind-boggling. The number inflation appears ridiculous at first because earning 100k silver is easy, earning 10 billion silver, that takes work.

It’s gorgeous too. I made a bunch of characters just to fuck around. This is my in-game daughter. Her name is “Ninjadaughter” because the stream thought it was funny.

The cons are that it can be grindy. Progression means you have to explore. Nothing is given to you. And if you like rotating through a traditional WoW-style combat scenario then you’re not going to enjoy this. But I think more people should give it a try.

It’s 7 bucks on steam sale right now.


I don’t really have any time for MMOs these days, but I find this very interesting. I have no real knowledge of the MMOs that are gaining any traction. I feel like multiplayer games are leaning towards Destiny-style, but it’s interesting there are still MMOs trying new and innovative things.


I think that the only thing they can do is try new things. There never was or will be a WoW killer other than Blizzard making a catastrophic mistake every 3 years. The issues with these games tend to be that the level of difficulty to be good is much higher than in a wow-type because it relies on these fighting game level reactions and reads. That tends to push casual players out quicker while drawing in a very insular niche of highly skilled players. I would refer to Destiny as a Borderlands-like. Instanced small groups playing through a campaign or special dungeons to pick up named guns? Sounds like borderlands to me.


how often do you get the Borth Sampson line from people about BD:O

because all I know about this game is that it has an asymmetrical face builder


I’ve never gotten it, do you need to see how amazing my daughter looks again?


This game has a few interesting ideas. I like the map, a lot of the environments, and your toothy companion is uh, really something. Unfortunately there were also a few components that I just couldn’t get the hang of, such as the node system.

(If anyone would like to help me with it, that’d be appreciated.)