Black Panther Animated Series


There was a short lived six episode series that has a weird history with its premiere date and all. Written by Reginald Hudlin, animated by John Romita Jr, and has one of the best theme songs out there. It premiered on BET, and is only available on Shout Factory as a DVD. Bringing this up because there should be a new series to coincide with the movie in February and also I deeply loved this series.


Like, this series introduced me to T’Challa, and I love it ever since. There is an episode where he fights the Juggernaut. They used the Juggernaut instead of the spider-man villain, Rhino, that was in this particular for reasons I do not know about. But, I like that he fought the juggernaut. Also, Storm is in it as well. And, this series in its animation was trying to replicate the look of motion comics but was animated extremely better than most motion comics out there.