Black Panther Discussion (SPOILERS)


I think it’s pretty cool that they had a variety of multi-faceted black characters in every major role, rather than resorting to tokenizing or magic negro hackery. I think you’re mis-reading Killmonger’s plan, which perhaps may have been to share Wakanda’s beneficial technology at some point, but it’s explicitly stated that the revolution he is planning to kick off will be fomented by dumping Wakandan weapons into the global market and letting the world tear itself apart.


Here, this article is brill(Spoilers as hell, obviously):

Puts down a lot of stuff I was thinking a lot better than I could. Not clued into much about the Black Panther Party (not much American History taught here in England), so the analysis around the way their history is reflected in the movie was a such a fantastic read.

And since it’s mentioned at the end, Killmonger’s death was such an incredible scene. His last line has to be one of the single most powerful things said in the whole of Marvel’s films.


The movie was great, the costumes & the whole setting of Wakanda was rad as heck… I wish T’Challa had ever said anything to Killmonger that maybe he wasn’t entirely wrong, or that some things in the past that had been done were wrong, but… yeah. Also Freeman did not need to be in this movie.

I felt it was a shortfall of the writing that T’Challa didn’t just tell W’Kabi that Killmonger is the one who prevented him from capturing/killing Klaue? I get that they wanted to have dissension, but it didn’t need to come at the cost of such an obvious step.


I dunno if this was the line of thought behind the decision, but considering that T’Challa and the priest were the only ones who knew, while everyone who was there didn’t see his face, that would bring up the issue of how T’Challa knew Killmonger was the one who took Klaue from them, which would be a risk he wouldn’t wanna take. It also doesn’t help T’Challa also isn’t exactly in the best emotional/mental state at the time, as he’s pretty much only just learned that truth.


He literally saw his face when they went to get Klaue, though? He could have just said,
“Yo, this is the guy who busted him out of the holding cell.” without having to say he was his cousin.
Then that could have come out, the conflict could have continued. It just felt like a weak point to me.


When Killmonger busted Klaue out, he was wearing the mask he stole from the museum; no one who saw him at that time knew what he looked like. If T’Challa had said that the same person were the one who had just brought them Klaue’s body, Okoye and Nakia could’ve asked how he could possibly know that, to which he likely wouldn’t have a good lie ready. Even if he’d considered the possibility that it wouldn’t be brought up in front of his other advisers, there would still be the risk of that happening, which would’ve led to a similar outcome. Basically, his hands were tied as soon as Killmonger arrived in Wakanda.


Hm, I thought he’d lifted up the mask. If not, though, fair enough.


Actually, completely separately, anyone got good Afrofuturism recs? I need to do some reading in a genre I have obviously been neglecting.


Like I said, I know Killmongers plan as bad. My point is it didn’t have to be.


I may be mis-recalling, but the tip-off for T’Challa is that he sees the ring. He knows that Killmonger and his face only because Ross brings it up when he fills T’Challa in on his background.


I’m in broad agreement with most of the thread so I’m going to drop my two spiciest takes:

  1. Martin Freeman doing an American accent just sounds like a knock-off Jason Bateman. Ozark shows Bateman can do the dorky dad with barely submerged homicidal tendencies perfectly. So I think he’d be a better choice for the role of “aw shucks” CIA guy who has totally murdered a Kazakh civil rights activist in the morning and wearily comes home after a “long day at the office” to kiss his wife and complain about the coffee in the break room. I understand they already used Freeman in another movie but I’m standing by this.
  2. Although I love Wakanda’s depiction in terms of Afro-Futurism, I’m pedantically annoyed by people calling it Solarpunk. There’s no panels, no salvaging of a previous civilization, and the whole thing is powered by a miracle resource which is mined and presumably consumed in the process of generating power. Merely having a colorful, non-oppressive city is not enough to qualify as solarpunk in my book.


Slate just published this the other day, I enjoyed it quite a bit!


Oh rad, thanks!


Fuck yeah, Chadwick Boseman.


good response to the current Killmonger moment:


Which studio would be perfect for this? I want to say Rocksteady…But you know. Rights and All…Guerrilla Games would be good as well. We need some more Black Gaming devs man.


I think there is a great opportunity for Microsoft to clap back at Sony’s Spider-Man game with their own take on Black Panther. I mean, this gen has seen a marked decrease in first parties competing in the most petty ways possible, and we need to get back to that.


I’d rather have a game about going on missions as a squad of wardogs similar to x-com though. Or a game focussing on the Dora Milaje. T’Challa just doesn’t seem all that interesting to me, since this movie expanded the focus towards the nation of wakanda and it’s various tribes and factions.


Dear God no…
Give it to Nintendo before Microsoft…I don’t think MS has it in them to make a compelling and diverse Black Panther game.