Black 'The Sims 4' Players Are Changing One of the World’s Biggest Games

The Sims 4's black players have had enough. After years of complaining and coming up with their own makeshift solutions, they spoke out louder than ever and demanded developers give them better tools to make Sims that look like themselves. They have coalesced around the "#EAListen" hashtag on Twitter, collected tens of thousands of signatures, and enlisted the support of prominent players in the community.

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Y’all I don’t want to backseat game develop but implementing color pickers for skin tones that don’t have huge performance impact is something multiple studios have done over the years. I have no idea what the back end looks like but ffs your game is based entirely around creativity and expressing one’s self maybe you should put more resources into making it so people can actually do that with the thing that represents them in game. I would certainly hope it was a major hurdle that forced this decision and one that will be looked at harder whenever the Sims 5 eventually happens.

Anyway the cycle of modders fixing games for major studios continues.

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