Blade Runner 2049 Is A Massive Box Office Flop


Well, this is incredibly depressing.

EDIT: Not sure why that isn’t a proper link.


I think the embed function might just not like Forbes very much. Other sites work fine.

With that said, it’s entirely possible that the overseas audience (including us in the UK) might save Blade Runner 2049 yet, as Forbes published seven hours after the link you provided.

With that said, I can understand the initial disappointment. As the articles underline, Blade Runner was a cult classic and being a sequel to a film like that is a barrier to new audiences. While I’m interested in watching the film, I can’t help but wonder if the raving response it’s received comes from people who just loved the original Blade Runner. Without that context, does 2049 have the same impact?


Normally I don’t care if a movie makes a lot of money or not, as long as I enjoy it. But with BR2049 and GiTS both failing, it makes me worried that future cyberpunk stuff will end up getting scrapped.


That’s disappointing… But… At the same time… Part of me wants cyberpunk to remain this niche thing that only I and people who I immediately think are cool are into.


So then it really is faithful to the original?


I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t do fantastic but maybe it’s a little early to tell? The article claims Alien Covenant (which is absolute utter garbage) also failed but according to this it’s the 28th best performing movie of the year. Is that really so bad?

Look at top 20 overall. The films on there are basically exactly what you guess people go and see these days, with a few surprises like It, Dunkirk and Get Out. I am not surprised Blade Runner doesn’t attract the same audiences, especially because most people don’t know what Blade Runner is.


With regards to Alien: Covenant. Yes, it made a little over $74 million in America, but its budget was nearly $100 million. Being in the top 30 highest grossing movies of the year isn’t bad, no. But it’s still a flop because it made less than its total budget to make.

That said, A:C did gross over $165 and a half million worldwide, with the final total being nearly $240 million. So, it got its money back. Blade Runner may do the same outside the US, as Robowitch mentioned.

I do find it kind of amusing that BR:2049 has earned more money than the entire cost of the original in one weekend.


Just keeping up tradition, I guess.

Domestic box office is overvalued in Hollywood reporting, though. We won’t know how it does in the rest of the world for a while.


There is also potential that word-of-mouth will help make the film more successful. Blade Runner isn’t the most popular name, but there isn’t too much competition in the next few weeks until Thor: Ragnarok comes out. 2049 could steadily build a following over the next month. The only other film likely to make an impact until Thor comes out would be Jigsaw.


Perhaps this is also a testimony to its worthiness as a sequel, in a weird way.


Good news I just saw it and it’s amazing

Flopped… right into my heart


That’s what I would have thought a few weeks ago, but I saw it yesterday and it’s really damn good. I was expecting reviews to come out saying “it’s a bunch of pretty CG and cheap callbacks and action scenes that misses the whole point of the first movie” but it is 3 solid hours* of futuristic garbage consumer electronics, slow pans of oppressive urban hellscapes, starkly lit brutalist architecture, and unflinchingly (intentionally) uncomfortable conversations about society, sexuality, and humanity as a whole.

I’m not an expert on the first film (or the book), but to me it felt 100% like a fitting, worthy followup.

*I think it’s something like 2 hours and 55 minutes, but close enough to 3 hours


Such a shame. When that big old Sony logo came up at the start, I was reminded of the other franchises they rebooted over the years and how wrong they got them all by comparison. But with 2049, they actually give the film makers space to make something that is both a fitting tribute and expansion of the first film. It’s not a film that has to go out of its way to lazily contain callbacks to the first movie, but then the original is not the kind of movie that sustains hype like that. 2049 feels so devoid of the cynical studio cash in that comes with other movies.

At the same time, a disappointing performance didn’t stop Blade Runner from becoming the movie it is today. It’s just fucked that a film made as good as 2049 just can’t win over more people. It must be so hard making movies today. I’m worried because as a bigtime movie buff, I feel like cinema may have had it’s day. And that kills me.


I really hope this doesn’t have a negative effect on the Dune movie.


I keep seeing a lot of people being like “it’s long and slow” and it’s like wow y’all must not watch Ozu movies or you’d lose your fucking minds.


I just laugh because literally everyone I communicate with that said it was too long also binge watches Netflix series for like six hour stretches.


Really looking forward to seeing Blade Runner 2079 in actual 2049. That’ll flop too.


Also looking forward to seeing Blade Runner 2049: The Final Cut in 2043


We can joke, but I would actually love to watch a cut of Blade Runner 2049 that uses the Johann Johannsson soundtrack just to see what it was like. I’ll give Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch credit for pulling something together in such a short amount of time, but it kind of felt like the stereotypical Zimmer “BWWWAAAAAHHHHH” was fighting the tone of the movie every now and then.


Not surprising, I guess. I was at a matinee show on Sunday and there were maybe 25 people in the theater.

Personally, I loved both the deliberate pace and the fact Villeneuve (or his editors) weren’t afraid of quiet. Where most movies cram every second of screen time with noise and oppressive music, “K” wanders empty landscapes in silence. It’s great.

Still… I’m not sure I’m as enthusiastic about the questions the movie asks or the answers it provides as I am about the overall presentation. I need to think about it a bit more. And maybe go for a second viewing before they pull it out of theaters.