Blade Runner: 2049 new trailer is out

Got to say I’m super hyped for this because Blade Runner is my favorite movie ever. But even if this wasn’t Blade Runner, just Ridley Scott producing a movie directed by Denis Villeneuve with Roger Deakins cinematography would get me excited.


Looks alright.

Removed any hope I had for the replicant police station though.

Dang, looks like I submitted my thread just a minute after this one. Anyway, I’ll echo my thoughts here. I was worried about Jared Leto but he seems to be dialing it back here, which I’m grateful for. Denis Villenueve + Roger Deakins = yes yes please. I’m very excited for this movie (and I’m equally excited to see what Villenueve does with the Dune adaptation).

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The closest we’ll ever get to that is another Philip K. Dick adaptation, Screamers. I think it’s even one of those movies that had some copywright issue/no one cares about to the point where you can watch it on YouTube. Low budget fun flick starring Peter Weller about finding bad robots.

Even bad Ridley Scott movies tend to have cool aspects to them, so I’m definitely interested. I agree with @atomictofu that Jared Leto seems like he’s reigned it in well here. Deakins on point as usual.

I will say the trailer did nothing to assuage my concerns that this will be another remake/sequel hybrid. Not to say that’s necessarily bad, just that I’m kind of tired of that these days.

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I kinda wish Villenueve hadn’t accepted the twin albatross of this and Dune because it makes me worry we’ll never get anything as smart as Enemy again.

Now that you put it that way, depending on how meta they want to get and because of how the replicants this might be one of the few movies where a sequel/remake hybrid would be appropriate. It really is a bit frustrating when a movie sits on the fence about whether it’s confidant enough to do its own thing or not.

I kind of understand why it happens though. Regardless of what one thinks of the outcome I can understand on paper why someone would want to attempt something ambitious like Terminator: Salvation or Star Trek 2009 where the movie is simultaneously a sequel, prequel, and reboot. :smiley:

I enjoyed the trailer—and I’m looking forwards to the movie—but oh boy I am getting tired of the Old Harrison Ford Victory Lap character.

I see a handful of sets that are competing to be as cool as the Bradbury Building from the original/pre-remake movie. This is not a complaint!


It looks really good, it certantly has the style that it needs. And Jared Leto/his character does not seem like something that will annoy me in this movie (unlike a certain suicide squad) to the point were it brings the whole thing down.

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Yeah, you know, that’s actually an interesting idea- they could actually play with some cool ideas about imitation/originality in regards to the film itself, much like the replicant/humanity dynamic of the original movie. It would be tricky and ambitious but could actually be really cool.

Of course, whether they’d actually do that, I dunno. Like you said, something ambitious as a sequel, prequel, and reboot at the same time is tough to actually pull off :wink: especially in the context of a two-hour movie.

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I’m looking forward to seeing how well Jóhann Jóhannsson channels Vangelis for the soundtrack. That’s one of my favorite parts of the origianl movie.


I see all of the complaints and concerns…and then I just watch this damn trailer again and the hype washes over me anew. So beyond psyched for this.

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I remember Peter Weller smoking filtered cigarettes in that movie and getting really confused about the economy of that world.

On one hand this is totally unnecessary and Ridley Scott’s track record recently is pretty spotty. On the other hand Denis Villeneuve is absolutely incredible and exactly the right director for this.

My worry is that this trailers had a lot of stuff about Big Ideas and The Fate Of The World in it. And while the original touched on these it was in practice a fairly small-scale noir. If it’s going for big stuff I hope we get Kingdom of Heaven Director’s Cut Ridley Scott. So that even if it’s not great it’s so stuffed with fantastic performances and set pieces that it’s a lot of fun.


My kingdom for more Kingdom of Heaven Director’s Cut Ridley Scott.


Even though I thought The Martian was a fun time, I still believe Kingdom of Heaven is Scott’s last great movie


God yes. The theatrical version was so disappointing and then I saw the director’s cut and it became an all time beloved film for me.

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Ridley Scott’s last truly great movie imo was Prometheus but that’s a whole other thread. :stuck_out_tongue: The Martian is really good to me though in that I found it significantly better than the book.

As a producer though Scott’s track record is pretty incredible and varied. I still hate that he directed Exodus: Gods and Kings though. Scott’s basically being a Christian Atheist was somehow was lost on a lot of people despite how the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven and Prometheus go down, so I understand why he’d get dead set on making something as heavy-handed as Exodus, but I wish he had taken a stand on the casting. I can imagine how frustrating it must have been, I read an interview where he talks about how like when he’s talking to other producers/etc. about putting together a movie if he even mentions a Middle Eastern sounding name they don’t want to speak to him, and that he had to like really really throw is weight around just to get Ghassan Massoud/etc. in Kingdom of Heaven.

That was almost more frustrating to learn about than the new Ghost in the Shell movie just because, like, the dude directed two of the most ripped off and influential movies ever made and he couldn’t even get it done?

I won’t go into it much in this thread Alien: Covenant is pointless but a very well made and beautifully shot film that clips along at a good pace. It’s really not about the xenomorph at all anymore, and it’s clear that he’s using its framework of Synthetics and Creation as his own little melting pot for narratives about Creators/The Created. I wonder if that’s why he didn’t direct Blade Runner 2.

Also to add - the brief glimpses we get at Mackenzie Davis’ character in this trailer have me really excited. She’s great and she looks so badass here. I really hope she has some serious screentime.