"Blank" Is basically Blade the game


Since the podcast thread is locked because there is a thread dedicated to the NeoGAF discussion, and rightfully so. I wanted to say in the other question from the podcast…

Isn’t any of the DMC games basically Blade the game?


BloodRayne is basically Blade: The Game


Both the Blade games are Blade: The Game, and they were both unfortunately pretty terrible.


If memory serves there was an actual Blade game for the original Xbox back in the day (and I wanna say that it co-starred Buffy as well???) but it wasn’t any good, like, at all.

I was thinking earlier today about the concept of an Assassin’s creed style Blade game where you infiltrate vampire nightclubs, get upgrades and gear from Whistler and with a Nemesis system as well, where you run into vampires who got away earlier in the game.


blade is the blade of games


Metal Gear Rising is one Raiden skin away from being cyber-Blade: The Game


GBC Blade is cool.


Woah, I didn’t know there was a Blade on GBC. I was thinking of the PS1 and PS2 ones.


Darkwatch is the blade of Wild West games


I clicked on this thinking there was a cool new game called Blank.


Oh man Darkwatch. There’s a game I’ve not thought about in a long time. I never owned that game, I played the demo repeatedly though.


Sorry dude, ment it as a fill-in-the-blank.


Well, I know what my next project is!


A buddy of mine had that, watch him play it a bunch seemed like fun. I can see that as a kind of Blade game.


the PS1 Blade game probably wasn’t very good and I only liked it cos I was a basic child but damn I love that aesthetic filtered through early 3d low poly. Also as someone who had to fast forward through the “failed-turning-basement-zombie” bit of the movie as a kid, parts of the game were kinda s p o o k y. Such a baby. 7 year old me, was however, very impressed with messing up henchman-cops with a sword and switching between ammo types so you don’t waste sweet, sweet silver on regular fools.

I definitely echo the sentiment we need some form of Blade back in our lives though. (Maybe with less Sticky Fingaz this time)


I feel like im not being heard here


What about The Talos Principle? Does that explore a lot of the same themes? The game play (solving the puzzles) can be a metaphor for each character in Blade Runner searching for answers to the primary question(s).


buddy i think you misread this thread a little bit


The only thing in my memory that evokes a Blade feel is the Katana Mod for Max Payne 1. Admittedly a decade+ old memory of my teenage years.


Ha, yeah I think I did. Sorry!