Blaseball is the Real Return of Baseball

Before professional sports were more or less ended by COVID-19, my boyfriend got me into baseball. Even though the real game is coming back for a weird, short season, I haven't been able to get too excited. Having now seen a real major league game, I got a taste for the spectacle of the real thing. Somehow, the irreverent Blaseball, an online, joke-y, facsimile of the sport, is giving me most of what I miss about it.

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So this is Blernsball but real?

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where my Yellowstone magicheads at???

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:crab::crab::crab::crab::crab:claws up :crab::crab::crab::crab::crab:


I am so scared of Polkadot Patterson leaving us in the offseason. I’ve been putting all my votes in to either retain them or grow another one of our pitchers an arm cannon.

Picking the Seattle Garages and then seeing their roster afterwards was tough.

Also does the site only work 75% of the time for anyone else?


still not entirely sure how the blessings work but given what i understand i’m resigned to losing peepee and agree with the sentiment that we should focus on broadly improving the squad, as any 5-star player will almost certainly get snatched away

i’m fairly certain the people running this were absolutely not expecting this level of enthusiasm so quickly and are dealing with it pretty well imo. the patreon they’ve set up just as like “hey you can give us money if you want and get access to a discord channel” already has them getting 1k extra a month

e: short answer to your question: yes. also it’s coming up to end of season so no doubt extra busy right now


Oh yeah it’s totally fair for it not to always work with such a surprise big audience, just wanted to verify that it wasn’t just me.

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I almost thought about customizing and buying a jersey for peepee after they were ice cold in that 20 inning game on Wednesday

been spreading out my votes, started putting some in wind sprints as well because I feel that may be underrated. I see so many grounded outs, flipping some of those may make a big difference

One thing I don’t understand is where a lot of the meta events are happening. Do I have to join the discord for that, or is it on Twitter, or am I just not paying close enough attention during the games? The wiki just has a lot of stuff and I have no idea where it is all coming from.

oh uh yeah the epicenter for this i think is the discord (w hich has a lore channel (which i’m completely ignoring)) and most fans are developing stuff within their own team channels

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fwiw to anyone interested. I haven’t joined the discord or really engaged with blaseball beyond talking about it with my friends and such, and it’s still an excellent time if you want to tap into the feeling of following real sports, without the whole real sports thing. That is to say you don’t need to be extremely logged in to get some enjoyment out of it!

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The commissioner is doing a great job.

Also as a counter point:


As above, So Below. friend! :sparkles:

go lovers. just got signed up yesterday but this is every sports fanbases collective power fantasy about what a fan owned franchise like the packers would be like which is great sans big investor.

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For whatever reason this is exactly what I need right now. Baseball is on the verge of collapse and the NBA is weirdly grim without crowds. But Blaseball is just pure and good. I know it’s basically a mildly weighted random number generator. But taking semi-random inputs and telling stories with them is one of the more human things you can do. And the things an empowered fanbase can do in the space of two weeks is extraordinary. The fan art, the chants, the elaborate backstories, and deep grudges it’s all what make sports fandom great.

I have my random number generator now. They are the Chicago Firefighters and I love them with all my heart.

We Are From Chicago


Congrats to the Millennials for getting the Fourth Strike.

The Millennials and Breathmints are looking real scary

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Hyped after the lovers voting results