Blessing the Plains of Eidolon - Warframe Finally Releases their Openworld map


Today Digital Extremes released a huge update in Warframe which allows new players and veterans to explore their first open world map that has various missions and activities like mining materials and fishing. There’s also a day and night cycle which scales the difficulty at night time where you may encounter a giant creature called Eidolon

Any new or season tenno looking forward to explore the new plains and if so anything interesting you might have encountered?


I’m interested in checking this out. Are there any player prerequisites? I’m not very far into the game at all (anytime I start playing it a new game comes out and I end up switching over very fast).


Its in the starting planet Earth and it’s on a node called Cetus. You can join anytime. If your new i recommend getting a sentinel with a vaccum mod which sucks up any items around you as you go and some mods that allow you to detect enemies and loot.


I really wish DE was upfront about Arcwing usage in Eidolon requiring an item that has to be bought off the market or crafted in the dojo. All of their advertising made it seem like you’d be able to fly in the open world right away and finding out it’s actually paywalled/grind required is a bummer.

Gara’s quest is also disappointing because the quest is so loosely tied to her it feels like she was an afterthought. Instead of muddling through some tired relationship tropes, it would have been more interesting if you were scanning the glass fragments to learn more about her story and the setting. It’s also a downer her blueprint is easily gained at low levels, but requires near-endgame drops to actually build..

Those points aside, I’m enjoying the open world. It’s beautiful and feels great running around.

Edit: The latest dev stream addressed one the complaint I had about crafting Gara. Yay.


Can’t wait to get home and fire this up! Haven’t logged in to Warframe for a couple of weeks.


This update is really good and the fishing is one of my favorite parts of it.

Kinda miffed by the initial gating of the archwing behind a dojo research or resource grinding. They seemed to advertise it in the lead up as essential for moving around the vast map. It’s not really needed though, it’s just a minor inconvenience I wish I didn’t have to wait for.