Blizzard Doubles Down, Says It Will Continue to Silence Players on 'Official Channels'

After days of internal and external protests, pressure from U.S. senators, players, and human rights organizations, Blizzard has finally addressed why it suspended and revoked prize money from a Hearthstone player who expressed support for Hong Kong protesters last weekend.

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Capitalism is bad.

Also I now feel vindicated for never really being a fan of Blizzard, though I could never quite pin down why for a long time, then the Overwatch lootboxes happened and things started to click in place.

For me it was how thoroughly they’re seperated from originality.

Probably nothing but I like how the letter is dated October 12th.

Surely a PR person would have looked at this statement and said “this won’t actually make anyone happier with this situation but with the added bonus of potentially making the chinese government unhappy now because you’re reducing the punishment slightly”

It will make shareholders happy that no more slip ups will be tolerated, which until an actual boycott occurs is still the number one concern for a corporation

Everytime I think about the limited time Halloween I’m reminded “Why would I want to unlock these? Wearing them out of season would be so gauche.” I wish I was this reasonable with all my seasonal unlocks.