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We have a great thread for folks to share their games writing & crit, but I figured it’d be good to give people a good/communal space to plug any non-games blog posts their writing.

The thread premise is pretty straightforward; feel free to plug and share. This is helpful for folks who might only blog now and again; if you’re a weekly blogger, you might be better off making your own thread in this category to drum up support for your work.

Let me get the ball rolling:

I wrote up a quick blog post earlier this evening about something I think has been hugely under-discussed in the “is technology bad for our brains” space: the workplace as a machine for breaking our brains – We Need To Talk About Jobs If We Want To Be Serious About Tech & Brain Health (content note for a discussion of mental health).


I posted this already in the pro-wrestling thread, but I thought I’d do so again here because I tried to write it in a way that could appeal to people who aren’t really familiar with wrestling.

It’s the first thing I’ve published publicly in like 3+ years, so I’m just happy to be back in a place where I’m comfortable sharing again.

I plan on branching out from wrestling and writing about other kinds and pieces of pop culture that I have an emotional attachment to, as well as hopefully some fiction stories.

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Not blog posts per se, but I do write lists on Giant Bomb as a form of like cathartic release. Here are a few recent ones:

Also I have a few Twitter Moments that I have been updating in an effort to write more this year. Both are about webcomics.

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Hey, so I run a TOP 100 WRESTLERS OF THE YEAR poll every year and have started posting results. Ended getting 85 ballots of people who are Very Online so if wrestling is something you are interested please give it a look!

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A blog that emphasizes and try to help people prioritize positive mental health! It’s actually trying to tie ASMR and mental health together so it’s my take on it.