Board Games I've played - June 2018


I’ve wanted to write about board games on Waypoint as i feel its one of the few areas lacking on the forums. As much as I follow video games from Waypoint, i actually follow board games a lot more and play quite a few of them.

I wanted to share games i’ve played in the past month and others are welcome to write/comment games they have played. It can be ANY games you played, no board game shaming and no snobbery please. Board Games at the end of the day are about interacting with people and having fun.

Here are some games i’ve played in the past month:

The Mind - This game has been getting a lot of hype in the board game community for the last few months. It has gotten even more since it got nominated for the Spiel des Jahres (think Oscars for board games but for a German family audience). Its a cooperative game for 2-4 players where each player is dealt a hand of cards from a deck that goes from 1-100 and you have to play the cards in order in real time. The catch is you can’t talk to each other, can’t signal what cards you have. It sounds dumb. When hearing how the game works i thought “this can’t work.” Then i watched a game of it played and was really amused. It was selling on for $13 including shipping figured, why not. The game…works…surprisingly well. It takes a round or two for people to figure out the strategy but when they do its a ton of fun. I’ve been showing this game to several groups and its gone over really well. I don’t want to hype it too much but i urge people to try it if they have the chance. It will come out in the US this July.

Azul - Azul is the other game that has been nominated for the Spiel des Jahres and it has been the big hit this year. Azul is a 2-4 player tile-drafting puzzle game in which you draft tiles from a pool and play them on your board to score points. Its easy to teach and has an interesting puzzle to play along with good amount of player interactiveness. I’ve played it with non gamers/gamers and it has gone over pretty well. Games are also pretty quick and we tend to play 2-3 games.

Incan Gold - Incan Gold is a classic push your luck game. It playes from 2-8 players and everyone is going into a cave to split treasure. If you keep exploring the cave you could get more treasure but if too many trap cards are played you lose all the treasure you found. If you leave before that happens you get to keep the treasure. I really like this game cause it scales well (few games handle 8 players without it being a party game) and it gets my friends in that Vegas mode of trying to beat the odds. The game plays fast too.

Strike - Strike is my last game of the night game i play. Its a quick 10 minute dice chucking mindless game. The box is an arena. You throw one dice in there, if several dice have the same number you get to pick those up. Last person with dice is the winner. Its good but right now its hard to get in the US as they are re-implementing it into another game.

I’ll try to post these once in a while if people are interested


There was another board game thread, but not many people seemed interested in keeping it up. I haven’t been playing too many new things lately, trying to cut back on spending, focusing time more on developing some of my own designs, and decorating games I already own with quick 'n dirty paint jobs.

That said, I did play a couple new things this year:

Gretchinz! - This is a chaotic combat-racing game set in the Warhammer 40k universe that mashes up lots of different mechanics and ends up with something very thematic and unique. You determine your actions by rolling and re-rolling dice in real time until someone likes their roll and yells WAAAAAAGH! That person gets to resolve their actions first and everyone else has to deal with what they’ve rolled so far. When you make attacks, you have to play cards from your hand, but your hand is facing the rest of the table, so you don’t know whether your hand is full of attacks, misfires, or explosions. There’s a lot of luck involved, but it’s fun and thematic which are things I value pretty highly.

Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart - This is a totally fine game to play when you want to look at a cute board and minis and not think too hard. It’s a total luckfest and very swingy (one dice roll at the end basically determines the outcome of the game), but it’s cheap and uses the theme well. The expansion pack characters were released last week, so I’ll probably go pick them up soon-ish.


After reading your write up on Gretchinz! i expected nothing less from a game designed Roberto Fraga. Its in the same vein as Captain Sonar and Doctor Panic


I played Blood Rage for the first time on Tuesday. Pretty fun! I spent most of the game letting my units die and taking points for doing so. I still lost, but I had a lot of fun sacking my friends.


Oh, I’ve also played The Thing a couple times this year, and I really liked it. It takes my favorite parts of the Battlestar Galactica game and streamlines it into a much faster and more enjoyable experience.