Boats: Why are they so shitty?


I am in the camp of “fuck boats” unless they have a fresh coat of paint on them


all aboard the ss fuck boat


I will defend boats to the day I die, preferably at sea!


I’ll be sternly on the SS Friend Ship. I love boats/ships. I’ve had great games in PubGee by grabbing a boat and staying out on the water. I’ve gotten a few crates that way with no competition too. I like the boats in GTA V and Wave Race too although those are actually jet skis. I hope more games feature ships and boats really. More games that aren’t just naval war games anyways.


King of Red Lions is #1 video game dad forever.


As a kid my brother and I strapped a mattress to the back of a bookshelf and sailed it out into the swamp behind our house. It tipped over, leaving us both drenched—me smelling of decaying reeds, and my brother with leeches all up his legs.

Boats? No good.


@Scy As someone who lives on an island and works on docks, the GTAV wave simulation is hella accurate, and that’s really impressive to me.

@AlmostSwedish Or on a beach, as the case may be.


I’ve honestly never thought of wave simulation as a thing you could get wrong. Like, waves are waves, in my mind, y’know? Are there any games you can think of that do it badly?


I can’t think of anything that did it badly. You sort of expect just a regular sine or cosine wave to be the model and not much more thought will go into it.

But that’s not how ocean waves work. They’re affected by the shape of the coastline and the variances in depth of the water. Like, if part of a wave hits a cliff but the rest of the wave continues on into the cove, part of the wave is gonna be deflected, and that’ll set off a chain of reactions. Not all water is gonna move in the same direction. Different sub-bodies of water colliding in the body of water are gonna cause choppy water and send the sub-bodies off in different directions again.

GTAV does this well. The cliff filled section with rocky coves on the eastern part are different from the beach sections in the southwest. Close to shore is different from further out. Like I said, it’s really impressive to me.


A single boat led to the deaths of Crowbar & Sickle today. Fuck boats.


Fuck boats. As in make sweet love to them. Boats were my lord and savior in “Watch_Dogs”:


Boats are shit. SKY SHIPS, that’s where the money is.


Thanks for taking the time to explain; that’s all really interesting.


It’s not the boat, it’s getting out of it that’s shitty. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


boats sucks because they cost infinite money


I mean it should come as no surprise that boats are shitty since one of the biggest movies of our time is about a boat being shitty and sinking.


I have mixed feelings on boats. party barges? OK. Pirate ships? kinda cool. Derelict freighters? Mysterious. Sailboats? Get that SHIT outta here.


But who’s really responsible for the Titanic Tragedy? The boat or the Bourgeoisie?


Hmm…true that! Eat the Boatgeoisie!


Humanity was made to be on the land, not to go to sea! We should leave the infernal aquatic realm to those that were born there! We should not participate in their kingdom and instead better our own!