BoJack Horseman’s creator ponders when — if ever — the series should end


Recently, I started thinking about, well, what if this is a 20-year show? I don’t think I am interested in staying on a show for 20 years, but it’s just the fact that The Simpsons is very stuck in time, and most cartoons are. And we are a cartoon where things change and grow in a way that live-action shows do, but because it’s animated, there are certain budgetary reasons that we can go much longer than a live-action show could.

There’s a real Boyhood potential in being, like, oh, what is the longitudinal arc of this show? And can we continue to go through multiple marriages and relationships and kids getting older and characters falling apart for multiple seasons at a time and then coming back together? Or is that going to be torture?

This is an interesting concept to hear about. It’s a unique contrast to other long running cartoon shows like The Simpsons, where they’re mostly static. This would be a hard goal to achieve though, considering how hard it is to keep the quality high as the years go on for a show, and also what may happen to the main cast if they choose to leave. Since the show has an important focus on characters like Diane, Todd, Princess Carolyn, and Mr. Peanutbutter, the safety net is much smaller if anyone drops out.


TBH, I’m happy if they all want to do something like this but I’ve got zero interest in watching it. To me, I want to know what they’ve got left to say. How many seasons of new things do they want to say with this setting and characters? I kinda hope that’s what the “I don’t know if that’s interesting for an audience or interesting for me.” is leaning towards asking.

If I want to watch a soap in the background then I can enjoy Grey’s Anatomy. BoJack seemed a bit more interested in talking than that, at least it seemed to lean into that by the second season (which is probably inevitable, that most shows have to find their footing before developing a very clear voice). I’d hate for it to just cycle through new settings and keep saying the same things it’s been saying so far.


To be honest I would be totally happy if the series ended with the end of season 4.

When he gets the call from Hollyhock, banters about honeydew, and ends with a heartfelt “I’ve never had a brother”. It seems like a good ending because Bojack finally has something in his life that makes him happy. To me that also severely lessens the option that BH ends with bojack just taking his own life, which still would be fitting, but a real downer to end on.

^spoilers. obviously.^