Boku No Hero Academia


the frog and gravity girl are gay. also im aoyama.


I like
the guy with six arms
he’s very tall and has six arms


i like
mt lady

and the moth girl


Ochaco Uraraka is good and strong and tries her best


Everyone is cool and good

Except mineta lmao


i want mineta to be real so i can shove him in a locker and throw that locker in a volcano


I cannot decide whether I like or hate this stupid show. Every single character is more interesting than Midoriya, including his mom, who owns a lot.


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the biggest problem with this show is that the S2 end credits are basically snapshots of a different show where the ladies of the class go around solving mysteries or something and I just want to see that honestly


an absolute truth


Every character design is top tier, especially invisible girl!


I love this show and the internet needs to calm down on that frog girl, aight?


I’ve fallen in love with the support girl who makes all the cool gadgets. She’s so excited about her cool tech! It’s adorable.


I love this show so much. The only problem I have with it is that one episode is never enough, and I spend a lot of each week thinking about the next episode. Which isn’t really a problem actually. Every episode is just so damn good! Like, I’m so happy that the Class B blond guy was revealed to have Copy last episode! Copy is one of my favorite types of power, I hope there’s more of him down the line! (Note: I am not looking for spoilers from the manga, do not tell me if he appears again in a big way or not.)

Also I think Deku is very well done myself.


It’s really interesting to me how much this show revolves around tropes but good writing and characters make it work so well.


This is the one anime where I’ve read the manga before watching it. And while I wish it was paced a bit better it’s been really cool seeing especially the stuff in the more recent episodes animated. Really glad to see the sports festival and soon the Stain arc in animated form.

Also Ochaco is the best.


Jiro is my favorite. When she threw that dart in the S2 premiere, it was hella cool.


I watched the first episode. It was okay. I only know about it because of all the hentai of the frog girl I’ve seen on 4chan.


I’m the person who is here to say she is a character that isn’t going to be in the show for ages


I’ve never seen the show, only read the manga, but Tsuyu aka Froppy aka frog girl is deffo the best.
Also, do you think I should watch the show?