Boku No Hero Academia


I still can’t get over the kids’ names having ome relation to a personality trait or their power. Oh and I like the show from what I’ve seen (mainly read the manga until recently).


The anime adaptation is really solid. If you enjoy shonen or superhero shows I’d say it’s a must.


I love how in a sense the anime is putting in things that happen later, as I’m pretty sure we first see all might in a half mode after the next arc in the anime


Thanks. I’ll check it out then :grin:


I love this show. Everyone is trying so hard to do their best and it’s adorable and All Might is the best.


I rewatched the 2nd episode of the anime recently and it made me cry so that’s a thing. I don’t even think that happened the first time I watched it. Not sure what caused it to hit so hard on a rewatch.

Anyways, the anime adaptation is one of my favorite shonen adaptations. Solid animation and just stellar voice work and music.


When I first started watching the show I thought it would focus more on overcoming the odds and the strength of determination. What I got felt a bit more like, “If you’re dedicated good things will be given to you”.

I still like the show ok, but I think it would have been more interesting to see Midoriya come up with clever solutions to problems, pulling from his vast knowledge and research on heroes and villains. I realize this would have made the show/manga a lot harder to write, but what we got instead just felt like generic shonen anime stuff and that isn’t really my thing.


I haven’t really watched the show yet. I read through the manga up to current stuff, though. Really really enjoy it. Tsuyu is one of my favorite characters. I think she’s really well written. But I think most of the characters in the series so far are pretty interesting. I want to go back and watch the anime now when I get the chance.


Watched the new episode. I’m looking forward to the inevitable Deku vs Todoroki fight. I like the contrast in their upbringings, with Deku receiving a lot of support from those close to him but being allowed to be himself while Todoroki is treated like a project by his dad, his mom hates half of him, and he hates half of himself because he hates his dad. Excited for the clash of the boy who is generally happy but bad at his powers and the boy who has issues but great control over his powers. I hope Todoroki can learn to like himself by becoming his own person eventually.


i still want to beat up mineta. kaminari how could you


id watch the heck outta that


I can’t believe I’m barely taller than Deku.


Mineta sucks but also Horikoshi has come out and said he likes him because he’s kind of a perv too

To that I say, uh, TMI dude

Also it’s really cool to see how Horikoshi has developed his characters over time. The fact that he’s managed to make even Bakugo a sympathetic character is pretty impressive considering the first chapter/episode has him literally telling the protagonist to go kill himself.


people who are up to date on the manga:

pretty sure overhaul just keeps a bunch of trailmix in that mask. nothing to do with his power he just wants to get his snack on 24/7


Yo, the animation at the end of the newest episode though?


On especially bad days All Might is all that keeps me from over-indulgent lethargy. You have got to respect how despite appearing as a caricature at first glance he just turns out to be a really positive and uplifting guy


chanting increases in volume from the far distance yutapon Yutapon YUTAPON


I’m almost caught up with the manga and gosh I do just love this series. I don’t think I’m missing any story or character content by not watching seen the anime, but gifs make me want to watch it anyway because the animation looks great.


Oh yeah All Might’s fight against Noumo was animated in a way that reminded me of One Punch man and it was beautiful.


Oooh I bet! Crunchyroll’s twitter just posted a gif of Deku vs Shoto fight from the summer games arc that looked fantastic.