Boku No Hero Academia


Speaking of which, there is another aspect that is really well chosen in the anime adaptation: the soundtrack. I am watching the Shoto v Deku fight now and the intro of it is a treat to my ears


I watched season 1 and enjoyed it, but I haven’t watched season 2 yet.

I honestly think it has a good base, but it didn’t give me all of what I wanted from it, and I’m not even entirely sure what I wanted. I was just left a bit like ‘hm, not bad but I don’t feel sated.’ after finishing season 1. It might just be a result of me wanting every shonen anime to make me feel the way HxH does, and that’s probably an unrealistic desire.

Some shows really take off after the first season has a chance to lay down a foundation though, so I’m cautiously optimistic. Once I finish a few shows I’m watching currently, I’ll probably start on season 2.


I’m curious, but I don’t want to derail the thread. Do you think that the anime of academia in the long run could fall trap to the extremely elongated and highly tedious (my opinion) ant kingdom arc that HxH went through?


i kinda felt the same (still watching & enjoying mind) - i think it’s partly because of the pacing for me. and not just because it moves incredibly slowly because many shows i watch/ed & love are similar, but it does use flashbacks & reiteration way more than other things & i felt like the amount of actually new stuff that happened in each episode wasn’t very much in the end.


You know I’m not sure. I enjoyed the Chimera Ant arc in HxH, but I think I would agree with you that it did get tedious there, and it was mostly a departure from what I love most about the anime. (Best pals being the best of pals while being super good at fighting and being best pals, all with a really interesting ‘magic’ system.)

I hope Boku no Hero Academia doesn’t fall into the same thing, but I don’t think it would. I think it’s too… shiny? for that. I mean that it seems too polished and aimed right at the young shonen market to get weirdly narrative and oddly cerebral for a big chunk.

@alexok I think I agree with you there. The pacing felt a bit off to me, like this season should have reached this point partway through and then given us more payoff. I also got tired of how often Midoriya just falls into tears, but that might be more my own personal issues around that than anything else.

I might have felt differently about the show if I’d had several seasons to binge all at once instead of just the one. Some anime leaves a far better impression when you can consume the whole arc quickly. Overall though I did enjoy the show quite a bit, easily enough to give the second season a watch.


It’s an interesting observation but i think HxH started equally ‘shiny’, as you say. I don’t think anything regarding the chimera arc was bad, mind you, just a bit too drawn out.


Yeah, I addressed that a bit at the end, about how I might have felt differently about this show if I’d had several seasons to binge instead of just the one. It gets the initial worldbuilding settled and then you have more stuff to put right on top of it immediately, instead of waiting and kinda thinking ‘is that it?’

There’s a really interesting setting being established in Boku no Hero Academia and I think I just wanted more payoff out of that, and more depth, which is probably not entirely realistic to want/expect off of season 1 of a shonen anime based on a longrunning manga. I’ll probably give reading the manga a solid go next time I get the manga itch.


BNHA’s arcs have mostly been pretty concise, I don’t foresee the series getting bogged down any time soon.


One of my favorite pieces of fan art I’ve seen recently:


I enjoyed the first series of the Anime but I’ve found the Sports Festival really dull, so I turned to reading the manga, which I’ve enjoyed so far, just finished up the Stain arc.


I’ve enjoyed essentially all of this anime so far but I came here to say; last weekend’s episode is the best episode of it so far, and it was so good.


If you’re only watching the show and not reading the manga I gotta keep this spoiler freeeeee.

Red Riot is the shit.

ALSO, I recommend reading Hero Academia: Vigilantes, which is the spin-off series. It’s also super good and gives you extra looks into a lot of the side-cast.


Since you do read the manga,

Suneater is so fucking cool


What would happen if he ate another human…? xD. I’m eally liking this arc with the Big 3 so far. I havr this sinking feeling that one of 'em might turn villain (Togata?) with him being considered for All Might’s successor. I’m thinking he’ll lose his Quirk + Learn he was considered to be All Might’s successor which might make him turn


oh god that would ruin the feel of the manga for me :frowning:


This is starting to sound like Attack On Academia


i mean i ain’t gonna fight about it but i WILL fight you about this

the ant arc was amazing - especially in the anime, my god, the pacing was godly and it’s my favorite arc in any shounen anime ever


sorry i love mha too tho


I finished the first season of this last weekend and OOOOOHHHH MY GOD I LOVE IT. All the characters are my precious children(except grapeass shitboy). Deku is maybe my favorite shonen protag ever. He’s a mess of anxiety and self doubt but man, his attitude toward how to become better is just amazing. His commitment to working harder than anyone else even when he has so much going against him. The first 3 eps were so triumphant, I felt like I could literally do anything when 3 ended. Going to start the 2nd season soon and then probably move onto the manga.

The dub is also incredible, really glad I decided to give it a try.


I’ve read the manga but I want to watch the show anyway because I’ve seen gifs and it looks like the animation is super good.

Mineta is trash and should die but everyone else is good. Tsuyu and Uraraka and All-Might are my favs. Everyone who isn’t mineta is great though.


But what if Mineta was better than Bakugo.