Boku No Hero Academia


“what if” indeed. but he is not.


I think there are times when Mineta is an active commentary on exactly the kind of people that are like Mineta, but then I see Horikoshi’s character info pages and he describes the women’s bodies with things like “Legs: Sturdy” “Thighs: Thick” “Breasts: Ample” and I realise that Horikoshi is just Mineta but worse.


I am in LOVE with the new end credits sequence


aaaaand we’re back y’all. who’s ready for emotions and punching.


I’m very excited to see the stuff season 3 will cover animated. Though before anyone gets too excited about the new episode: the first episode of the season is a filler/recap episode. The story doesn’t really get started properly until next week.

Also new opening and ending credits:


With the new season starting, I’m really hoping that maybe Bakugo can get a bit of a more nuanced characterization, although I’m not holding my breath. Hopefully what was saw of him this episode reflected the recap nature of the episode in reaffirming what we already know.


As of yesterday I am caught up with the anime. I’m surprised of just how much it managed to get its hooks into me. The last time that happened was Naruto about ten years ago.


  • expresive character designs
  • creative uses of powers
  • the english voice cast nails all of the archetypes with stand out performances by All Might, Deku and Bakugou
  • even though the cast keeps growing, no one gets left behind
  • the balance of “regular” school stuff vs ongoing developments outside of it (villain attacks, internships etc.)
  • All Might being such a positive guy and a force for good, but also how his actions inspire the villains
  • Aizawa a.k.a. Ereaserhead serving as a great contrast and counterbalance
  • both Deku and Bakugous growth and development at a pace and in a way that feels very natural
  • Somewhere along the way Bakugou became my favourite character


  • Mineta is just the worst
  • sexism creeping in every now and then. Female characters being relegated to rescue heroes most of the time (the most glaring example being the hero that can create black holes)


As far as I know, we don’t know Thirteen’s gender, so I wouldn’t be so quick to assume they’re female.


Oh, you’re right. I stand corrected.


I despise Mineta. He sucks the joy out of a scene for me whenever he opens his mouth.


i hate the grape bastard with my life


same here. It’s not just that he’s useless. He makes the show actively worse with his creepy behaviour.


I’d say that we probably got this? I know this post is literally six months old but interesting to contemplate on this.

I got into MHA about halfway through this last season and have been really taking to it. I binged the first two seasons and, while the third season had some real peaks, it didn’t quite hit the same highs that the first two seasons did.

Definitely looking forward to the fourth season. Hopefully JoJo’s comes along soon enough to keep me as anime trash for a good long while.


Its probably worth mentioning that Thirteen uses Boku to refer to themselves which is generally a masculine pronoun.

Also Mineta is so bad. I hate him so so much.

Definitely looking forward to the next season though, because the next arc is very good.


I’m looking forward to it if only because frankly the amount of debris in the manga made it impossible to follow what was going on


Honestly, Bakugo rings more of a false note than Mineta to me - if UA were only teaching kids how to use their quirks, that’d be one thing, but the idea that anyone could look at Bakugo’s violent, borderline-psychotic tendencies and think he’s any kind of hero material just boggles the mind.


Regarding Bakugou:

I agree. His arc this season featured many small and welcome subversions of the angry-shounen-rival trope:

Him getting captured and being offered to switch sides
It would’ve made sense for him to join the league of villains, which is why it’s smart that he was their primary target in the attack. However, the moment they take off his restraints he goes on the offensive and refuses to yield.

Kirishima convincing Bakugou to escape with them
Their friendship was subtle, but it was set up beforehand. In most other shounen anime it would’ve been Midoriya to give him that final push. Giving him relationships outside of Midoriya is such a smart move and makes him more of a character in his own right.

Bakugou failing to get his provisional licence, because of the rescue portion of the exam
Anything else would’ve felt forced to me.

More groundwork for Bakugou’s admiration for All Might
Him cheering All Might on during his final fight and his drive to always win stemming from that admiration.

Bakugous reaction to finding out about Midoriyas secret
He’s salty and confronts All Might about it, but doesn’t keep pestering, when All Might doesn’t tell him. Having a fight with Midoriya to let out his frustrations, but not blaming him for making that choice.

I want Bakugou to get his own version of the Midoriya/All Might mentorship, be that with All Might or a different hero. Looking at you, Best Jeanist!

I didn’t like the start as much, though I like the idea of this class having to be fast-tracked in their hero training, because of the increase in villain activity. Having All For One show up this early, showing us his power and having All Might use the rest of his power to stop him, shook up the status quo in a very interesting way. Also seeing All For One forgive and encourage Face-Palm (I’m blanking on the name) to do better was another great subversion.

To summarize the show keeps zigging enough when I’m expecting it to zag and I can’t wait for season four!


I’m actually not sure I quite agree, although appreciate where this is coming from, and I do have some capital-S, capital-T Silly Thoughts about it and what Bakugo tells us about the broader world of MHA.

The hero world of MHA is a deeply hierarchical and competitive one. Even though All Might rises above the fray to portay himself as a unifying symbol of peace, he is #1 – and there is a strict #2-#10 underneath him, who, as we see in Endeavour, all vie to supplant one another to reach the top. Endeavour represents an adult version of Bakugo in some ways – deeply competitive, hostile to their rivals (Deku or All Might), and happy to use their splashy quirks to get advantage despite collateral damage.

Bakugo, consequently, is an accepted member of hero society for two reasons. Firstly, he’s a young teenage boy, whose negative traits are accepted as something that can be molded (see Best Jeanist and All Might, both of whom see him as someone they can reform) or, potentially, something that can be grown out of.

The second is that his potential is seen as something to be coddled and praised (as has happened throughout Bakugo’s life) not to be pushed back against.

The parallels to real life are obvious. Bad behaviour from a promising young star is tolerated on the understanding that he can be made to grow out of it, even though he causes real harm in the present. On the other hand, is it right to say “he’s a bad egg” if he can be made to reform? Season 3 aims to indicate the latter – pointing out the virtuous upside of his competitive nature (because it has limits and doesn’t extend to him joining the villains), but also noting how personally destructive it is for him by the end of the season.


I’m sure Bakugo will eventually be a good person, but he literally tells Deku to kill himself in his very first appearance. The amount of leeway so many people in The Discourse are willing to give an Actual Abuser is just really fucking grating.


True, but for all his (many, many) faults, Endeavor still demonstrates a basic understanding that his job is to help people, as we see in the Hosu arc. Sure, his motives are purely selfish, but you could at least make a case for him being the #2 hero because he does the job.

Bakugo, though? He’s just this violent bully whose only interest is being the best and the strongest. He didn’t even refuse to join the League out of nobility or heroism; he saw All Might beat them, which means he thinks they’re weak. If the pitch had come from All For One? Maybe that would’ve gone another way. I can’t see him ever doing what All Might or the other pro heroes do - you have to be at least marginally interested in the idea that other people exist for that to happen, don’t you?

As much as I love the show, that’s always been the one thing that makes me irrationally angry: someone who literally foams at the mouth and needs to be put in a straitjacket for winning a sports competition without completely annihilating his enemy isn’t someone who should be a hero. And I know the show’s never going to make him pay that bill, because that doesn’t happen in shounen.

And it’s escalated to physical violence since then. I don’t get the appeal.