Boku No Hero Academia


@VHGS @shawne I totally get where you two are coming from. My enjoyment of Bakugou comes from a meta-level of having seen so many one-note shounen manga rival archetypes done poorly. Even the better ones ended up annoying or boring me in time, like Vegeta from Dragonball or Sasuke from Naruto. If this weren’t a shounen story it would be impossible for me to like Bakugou. That said, writing him as abusive as he was in the beginning, was a grave mistake, considering where the character seems to be heading.

Mineta is far more grating to me, because his entire character is being a perv and a sexual harasser. He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.


That’s fair - I think the only reason I rank Bakugo lower than Mineta is because Bakugo can (and does) use his quirk to hurt people, whereas Mineta gets put in check every time he steps out of line. Sero cocoons him, Asui drowns him, Iida knocks him down; he’s still gross, but he can be stopped. I’m not so sure Bakugo can be at this point.


I just saw the movie in theaters last night and it was W I L D.

I’ve never seen a crowd like that in my life for anything. Sports crowds don’t cheer that much. Justin Beiber concerts don’t get as many screams. Every character from Class A that showed up got wild applause, even Creepy Grape Kid. And All Might was crazy over with this crowd.

As a kid, I remember seeing the first Pokemon movie in 1999, and sitting in a room full of hyper eight-year-old, throwing popcorn at the walls in sheer electric excitement. The My Hero Academia crowd, which was mostly young adults, college age or greater for the first part, was LOUDER. Pikachu got stuffed out by Bakugo.

And I like to think of myself as objective, so maybe the social force of 300 people buying every single joke the movie was selling had an effect, but this was easily the best shonen anime movie I’ve ever seen. (It’s a low bar, frankly, since most films based on a shonen anime TV show whatever frankly suck and maybe two or three are legitimately good.) This was a lot of fun. Huge action scenes, the final battle is hype as fuck, Bakugo kicks the Incredible Hulk’s ass, Godzilla is a super hero, some Metal Gear Solid-esque last minute betrayals, every character got a good moment to shine, Ochaka making a hilarious face when she sees Deku with another girl…

In terms of a theater going experience, 10/10. You won’t have a better time at the movies.


I’ve caught up in the 3rd season now.
When you think about it, the world of MHA is the best possible future that Charles Xavier always dreamed of in the X men series. This is a show that wears its optimism completely on its sleeve.

When All Might talks about the character traits of Bakugo and Midoriya, competitiveness and compassion, being both important to being a hero, it was a bit of head scratcher to me. Because classically the hero just wants to save others, right? Does superman have those moments when he wants to prove he’s the best?

But …it makes sense. In that world if you get into the hero business with just a sense of altruism, you’ll get burnt out. People won’t always be grateful. You’ll be sad homeless Peter Parker. It’s also a nod to the classic shonen trope of a rival and sense of competition being necessary for greatness.

Unrelated but one of the new characters looks like a super buff Tintin (classic french character created by Herge) , that can’t be a coincedence


ok but the only reason thats there is cuz “lol isnt it funny when woman get mad?” like it isnt about mineta getting put in check. hell bakugo gets put in check way more often.


The society only works because nearly everybody has Quirks. So I think of My Hero Academia as the universe that comes about if Magneto’s plan in X-Men 1 comes to pass. (And people don’t melt into jelly.)


By who? All Might and Eraserhead give Bakugo pass after pass; he wins the Sports Festival; Best Jeanist ignores all the warning signs during his internship. Everyone indulges him because of his “talent”.


wasnt the best jeanist internship literally him going “this fuckin kid needs to be disciplined” and making him dress nice n get haircuts n shit? its been like 2 years since i read that part. and yeah they are obviously lenient on him but way less then grape dipshit. like bakugos arc seems to be going down a “shape up or you wont go anywhere” route. while mineta does not even have a arc he is just there to be the authors creepy self insert who harasses underage girls

Edit: also tbh seeing you try to say bakugo, a childhood bully, is worse then endeavor who is a domestic abuser, and a sexual harassing self insert is pretty wild.


I assume that quirks being the majority is something that happened gradually over time. The X-men comics imply that, sometimes…honestly it’s all over the place.
I guess I like to see it as a world where people started to get powers and weren’t put in internment camps by the normals, were accepted as human beings. And in turn they didn’t establish a ruling class over the non quirks, and used their powers to help and inspire people. Xavier’s dream, or my interpretation.


I was kind not into the movie, but I was probably expecting way more out of it than I should have. I kind of was hoping for more of a Midoriya + All Might movie and less of a everyone movie. I really, really did not like how shoehorned all the rest of the class was especially with the few that were just there but not really participating in the plot of the movie. Also Aoyama was just totally left out of the movie while every other character made some sort of appearance? Tsui does almost nothing?
I am totally fine with the three use item that couldn’t make it back to the series and everything, really enjoyed the All Might backstory as well as David and Melissa. But man did this movie make me more tired of Bakugo and Mineta. The only good Bakugo beats were a few sections of the fight with Kirishima and Todoroki and that Kirishima is the best boyfriend and bought them both dress attire. I was so unsettle by how much the crowd was all about Mineta being such a pervert. I hated it. So much. The movie did a little better handling the female characters but still really doesn’t know what to do with most of them. I was so excited when some of them paired up and looked like they were gonna do their own thing only to go nowhere. Also, this is not really a problem more of a taste thing, but so much of their dress attire was not great especially Yaoyorozu who is loaded and should be able to afford designer.