Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Ya’ll like that Jet Set Radio?

Cuz it’s coming back bay-be, headed up by the team behind Lethal League


Naganuma is providing music as well.

Im so excited for this. Im playing through JSRF for the first time rn and I love how joyous the game is in its themes of creating culture and active resistance. Umurangi Generation provided a bit of that earlier this yeat but I need more lol

Color me disappointed by the lack of rollerblades.

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grinding around on your sneakers def makes me think of the rediculous Sonic / Soap Shoes brand crossover so its still in the Sega reference oeuvre imo


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Oh hell yes this looks sweet. The name also sounds like it could be a Giant Bomb video series circa 2008, so bonus points there.


The JSR PC port was really bad, so I guess I need to pin all my hopes on this game in order to recapture my Dreamcast-era nostalgia. NO PRESSURE THOUGH.

Or as I call it, the Sideburns Era.

I break Giantbomb history up by Brad’s hair. As we all know, 08 was close cropped and really long sideburns Brad.


Looks very derivative and cool. Hopefully a modern take on the concept can make it a less frustrating experience to control. With it being a western developer I hope they set it in a western inspired city more than a Japanese one. There has to be some limit to the mimicry.

What was wrong with it? I played it a couple of hours and had a good time. It even worked on my potato of a PC.

This was a while ago, so maybe there’s been a patch or it was just my hardware at the time, but I remember it crashing a lot.