Bonus: The Sims 4 - Dream Home Decorator

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I’m all about Gita’s Sims talk. It’s a game series I used to put hundreds of hours into as a kid but haven’t touched in years.


Hell yeah, I was just hoping to hear Gita’s thoughts on this pack! I play TS4 in random bursts and this pack plus the free update definitely made me want to fire up the game for the first time this year.

It’s kinda curious that it took this long for the devs to incorporate something so many players already do (building, decorating) into the gameplay itself as an activity; I skipped TS3 but I think this is the first there’s an interior design career in the series.

oh hell yeah, gita’s sims updates are one of my favorite unofficial waypoint radio segments

I started listening until she mentioned her and Tim Rogers doing the black widow challenge on kotakus YouTube. watching that now and it’s delightful. Tim just predicted the Willy Wonka prequel like it was nothing.

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I don’t know anything about The Sims and really like and learn a bunch from Gita’s discussions of it! I really, really appreciate their perspective on how the fans/community relate to the game and bring a bunch of expectations to it – just super insightful about the game’s player base and the industry in which it all sits.

lol, as soon as the episode finished i also started watching that black widow series.

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This episode was both delightful because I love to hear people effusively gush over things they unabashedly love and depressing because apparently every fan base everywhere sucks.