Book club...but music?

Hello everyone. So i’ve seen that that someone started a book club but with comics here in the forums and the official waypoint video game book club is on it’s way. But would anyone be interested in doing the same but with music?

I thought that an album would be the best way to go. Listening trough a album usually takes around an hour unlike a video game or normal book so more people would have the chance to join in. But then the question remains how long we will take to listen to it, a week? a month? And then the biggest question remains… is anyone of you interested in doing this?


I tried to get this going once, but couldn’t quite get a regular group going. I’d be into it.

It would be good if as part of it we could maybe set aside some time to listen to the music in a synchronised way.

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Yeah, perhaps a few days at least were you are not suposed to “spoil” (talk about) the album we are currently listening to or something like that?

I would join in, yeah. The only issue is that most people like most kind of games. Even with outliers, for example, racing games, I could still appreciate the mechanics of a game and how it’s constructed.

I’m not sure the same could be true of music because any given person’s taste is generally dialed in. Like, if the album in question was metal, or really anything guitar-driven, I don’t think I could even listen to it, much less appreciate it and contribute to the discourse. Opposite is true for my tastes - I could talk all day about instrumental hip hop, but for some people it’s almost nauseating in its repetition.

Dunno, just my two cents. It’s certainly worth a go!

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With the last one I tried to do (which lasted one session as I could never arrange another one successfully) we had some time for listening, then we all talked about it while listening to it at the same time.

Yeah i can see that becoming a problem. But hopefully we can choose albums from all different kinds of genres and sounds. So hopefully we could become enough people that you could skip one week and come back to an album that fits better with your tastes.

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Love it! Count me in.

How were you folks planning to organise it? Set a date, give it a week (or so?), then chat about it on the forums? I don’t know if I’d commit to being a regular (depends on the availability of the music), but I’m easy-going and always keen to give something a chance.

Perhaps we can stipulate that the album needs to be readily available on free streaming services? Spotify, etc?

Yeah i guess a week would be good, but im not sure if we should have one week to only listen and after that we can start to talk about it, or if we should have a week were we both listen to it and talk to it and then go to a new album next week? I guess i’ll have to wait to see when more people are interested and what they think is a good idea.

At least in the beginning i think that it would be good to choose albums that are somewhat popular and not dive into the weird underground indie music right at start.

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Im super down for this! Would it be new albums, old ones or a mix?

I guess it would be a mix! Sometimes maybe a classic and revolutionary album, a other time we could have the latest album from an well known artist or maybe we just choose something super new. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what people want.

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I’d be down, I think once a week is a good time frame. An hour can sometimes be hard to find for some people, and for those with more time there’s a chance to listen a few times through. How we choose each album would be something we’d have to figure out, maybe call up a vote, or have a random person chosen each week to choose the album. I get not wanting to choose something you really couldn’t listen to, but I wouldn’t mind listening to an album that maybe pushes me a little bit out of my comfort zone, maybe discovering something I didn’t expect to be into.

I’m definitely interested as well. I suppose a way to choose albums could be either a poll or maybe just taking turns each week?

I get the free streaming stipulation, it is a little limiting though. I can think of a couple of bands I’d love to introduce people to that couldn’t be done that way. (Most stuff can be found on Youtube but not in a legit way). I wonder whether there’s some kinda compromise.

Yeah i wonder if i should find like maybe two people or something that will help me “backstage” to set things up. It could be possible that we set up a poll with different albums. And we can always make sure to be open to suggestions.

Poll seems like the answer for sure. Maybe all interested submit 5 albums, out of that mess, you pick 5, and we set up a poll?

I think that’s a good idea, there should be a reasonably good spread genre wise that way as well.

I’d be game!

Like what was already said, we’d all differ in favorite genres but it’s always nice to discover new songs.

This sounds really cool, I’m always looking to expand my musical horizons! Even if I’m not “into” something its cool to learn about imo.