Books about PC gaming devs in the 80's/90's?

Hey there everyone!

I’m posting this here because I feel like it’s more about books than video games, but here it goes: as part of a writing project, I’m looking for books (and general resources) on how developing PC games was like in the 80’s/90’s, most specifically around 1987. If it’s a book that also talks about how the whole experience was from the player’s side, it’s extra helpful!

Any suggestions would be super helpful!

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I assume Masters of Doom is on your list already, but The Art Of Computer Game Design from the mid-80s is freely available on the inter net and pretty interesting.

There’s also Phoenix IV, but that’s more of a history of the industry.

Masters of Doom is on my list, but I’ve never heard of those two before. Thank you!

This is going to be a contemporary look at games from the period, but may have some nuggets for you: is an annotated playthrough of Sierra’s adventure games. It has lots of observations on changing gaming conventions over time.

Also, I’m pretty sure that Steven Levy’s Hackers spends some time with the story of game development in the early part of that time period.