Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Buddies

Hi All,

I just picked up The Handsome Collection for PS4 because it was on sale and there isn’t really anything I want to play right now, so to anyone who has it and would like a buddy to shoot and loot, let me know.

PSN: eatyrselfparty (my comedy was … weird when I made this name… hey Shuhei, can I change my name now?)

Wait, I was just thinking about doing this. Finished Tales from the Borderlands and have had an urge to dive back into that world. Plus I love that The Handsome Collection is one of the few (only?) shooters on PS4 that has local splitscreen.

Sadly it looks like the sale is over for now, but if I can get a discounted disc version somewhere, I’d be interested in some looting. (PSN = same as username)

Hell yeah, dude! I picked up mine at a gamestop that had it on sale for 27.99. Let me know if you get it!

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Picked it up last night and played a few minutes to get the feel of it again (I have BL2 on an old laptop, but never made it that far). Movement feels weird coming off of Titanfall 2, of course, but the progression of getting new guns is so damn satisfying.

Awesome! I haven’t had a chance to play it because life, but I will hopefully have time soon. I will add you on PSN tonight! What class did you pick?

Picked Siren – honestly didn’t put too much thought into it, but I had been playing Commando on PC and thought that I wanted something less straightforward. Sounds like Maya has some potential for good support abilities, and that the phaselock benefits can do a lot of different things.

Cool beans! I picked Gauge because I wanted to know what the fuck a Mechromancer was. Turns out, pretty cool. I’ll send that request tonight. I should be able to play tonight maybe and then this weekend at some points.

Nice. Sounds like there’s good potential for complementing support abilities between the two. I need to do some refreshing of how the skill trees go.

Late tonight should be possible, as should this weekend. Just added you on PSN last night, actually.

(PSA to mods and everyone else, I haven’t switched to DMs on this yet because anyone reading who has the Handsome Collection should join! But mods, lemme know if we should.)