Breakfast and Battlegrounds (Episode 2)


Continuing their escapade in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Austin and Patrick (who has still not equipped his character with pants), driving boats and dodging snipers. Will their second trip fare better than the first?

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NEED to shout out this incredible art by twitter user @jzmp_art:


Austin at the end of this episode:


Is this replacing the Waypoint Radio live streams?


I had to download and listen to today’s B&B, but Austin “RAGE MODE” Walker was the best thing ever at the end!


That so bullets.


That was all I could here there at the end. In that exact voice.


Nope, it happened (is still happening) right after the stream.


The afro is there, what’s missing is just the underwear


This was a beautiful, emotional father-son journey and I look forward to more adventures.


So many emotions in this episode.


These are So. Damn. Good.

Really going to miss them next week.


ah it’s that good content!
i love this.